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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Don't Want to Say I Told You So But. . . .

Oh yes I do, or I wouldn't be doing this post.

On the other hand, I wish that the Main Stream Media had proved me wrong.
Saturday I put up a post talking about how I expected the MSM to cover the West Coast walk for Life & the March for Life.
I said the MSM would ignore the West Coast March & it did. I went on to say "The MSM will give its usual poor coverage of the events. They will downplay the size of the DC crowd, undercounting to ensure people don't know how big it actually is. They will also find the few pro-aborts & play up the size of their crowd. They will do so by a few key pictures that make it look like there is a huge number of pro-aborts rather than the few that actually are there."
On CNN's website I found this article about a rally @ Washington's Lafayette Park on Sunday. The story ended with the following: "Other Roe v. Wade-related events were planned elsewhere in Washington Sunday and Monday, by both anti-abortion activists and abortion rights advocates alike."  Nothing about the Monday March for Life by name, just a mention of other events making it sound like they were all on the same level & size. But why mention the huge draw that puts the size of the few pro-aborts there to shame & shows how little support for abortion there is. Even with the bad weather the March for Life again drew 400,000+ people. (Keep that number in mind for later.) Additionally, I have not found any story on their website about Monday's March.
Next we have MSNBC. They have an article about Catholic High School students going to the March. But again nothing about the March.
FoxNews was the best. Although it didn't have a count, it did have an article on the March. They also had an opinion piece by Penny Young Nance is CEO of Concerned Women for America. There were also a couple videos (here, here) The article used anti-abortion, but the video said pro-life. 1 of them included an interview with an abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden.
The AP article is another prime example of the MSM bias. 1st there is the title, Abortion foes march with eye on fall elections, used in various permutations by various papers.  Abortion foes says it all about their attitutde. Then there was the opening line: "Thousands of abortion opponents marched to the Supreme Court on Monday to mark the 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion,". Did you get that "thousands", talk about downplaying the 400,000 there. They make it sound like it was a few thousand, or maybe 10-20 thousand, way, way smaller. That isn't merely downplaying, that is out & out lying.
In a connected story, The Washington Post has an article about how Rand Paul was detained by the TSA at the Nashville airport. He was heading back to DC to give an speech at the March for Life. MSNBC reports the detention, but totally omits the reason he was going to DC. No surprize. CNN has 2 videos about the pat down, but nothing about why Paul was heading to DC. Ditto for the FoxNews article.
In many ways, the MSM has hit a new low in its coverage. In part I think it is because they know the tide is turning & they don't want the news to get out. The difference between the Fox & AP articles highlights that. The AP article talks about how the US is still divided on abortion & then goes on to add the following statement by Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, accusing politicians supporting the March for Life of ignoring more pressing issues."Anti-choice politicians and their allies promised to focus on creating jobs, yet they are attacking a woman's right to choose at near-record levels. This extreme agenda is out of touch with our country's values and priorities."
Sorry Nancy you are out of touch as the Fox article proves. Yes, it mentions her claim that "that our opponents would ignore the public's call to focus on immediate challenges, including the economy, and instead launch an all-out war against women." The Fox article goes on to say "According to Americans United for Life, more than 460 measures were considered in 47 states last year. The group predicts another heavy round of legislative activity this year."
Sounds to me like this is a lot of grass roots activity based on what the people want in response to all that has come out about the abortion industry covering up rape, incest, abortion mills being closed down for unsanitary conditions, abortionists charged with murder etc. No wonder Keenan wants to play the smoke & mirrors game. It isn't the politicians, it is the abortion industry that is out of touch with the country's values & priorities.  They are the ones who have launched the all out war, not the Pro-life politicians. & that war is against women as well as the unborn.
& you can bet things won't be getting better any time soon. The MSM & the abortion industry has seen a huge change in how this country views abortion & the abortion industry. The industry has Obama in its back pocket. But they know he could be out by this time next year, in part because of his huge public support for abortion. So they are falling back on the same message they have unsuccessfully used since the 2010 elections about pro-life politicians ignoring the economy. The abortion industry makes it sound like it is an either or, not an and both. Fortunately the American public is smarter than that. Something the MSM seems to be forgetting as well. & they wonder why people are going to other sources of news in droves?????


  • At 24/1/12 10:44 PM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    With other topics the MSM will at least try to look balanced. When it comes to abortion the coverage is so one-sided it's ridiculous.


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