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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just A Reminder of What the Abortion Industry Sees as Safe & Rare

"Legal, safe & rare".
That has been the mantra of the abortion industry for the last 39 years whenever anyone worked to overturn Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton. We have seen what the abortion industry means by rare, opposing any limits, while encouraging women to have them.
Then there is safe. The abortion industry has plenty of reasons why legal abortions are safe & should remain legal. 1 of the top reasons you hear is that banning abortion will result in women going back to getting back alley abortions. & that means more women will die as a result.
While the truth is that the back alley was where the back entrance to the doctor's office was & that the death rate was reduced with the introduction of antibiotics, to hear the industry talk, every abortion mill is safe, clean & nothing ever goes wrong. Recent revelations like those about the NIWC abortion mill in Rockford & Kermit Gosnell among way too many others have proven that the average abortion mill doesn't even follow basic sanitary protocols that any health clinic must follow. (& showing why they oppose even minimum regulation as well.) There have also been many examples of botched abortions all across the USA. I have posted about  some of them in the past.
Jill Stanek posted the latest horror story on her blog Saturday. Actually I could say horror stories just as easily. The story you are about to read is about 2 botched abortions, at the same Birmingham AL abortion mill, on the same day. & what until you see the conditions of the place that once again show the real reasons why the industry is so opposed to regulations. It sure isn't about a woman's health or safety or even ready access to an abortion (a bit of irony as you wil see). It is about letting the industry make as much money as possible with as little expense & total disregard for the safety or health of women. 

Two botched abortions; no gurney access

Today pro-lifers gathered to commemorate the tragic anniversary of Roe v. Wade at the New Woman All Women abortion mill in Birmingham, Alabama, witnessed not one but two ambulance calls for botched abortions.
As if the botches weren’t dangerous enough, the abortion mill could not accommodate a gurney, forcing responders to carry the first victim out…
and bring the second victim out in a wheelchair…
Abortion proponents fight common sense abortion clinic regulations that for one thing force shoddy clinics to ensure entrances, doorways, and halls are wide enough to fit a gurney in the event of an emergency. The other side claims regulations are unnecessary.
Well, guess what? They’re necessary.
And guess what else? This mill is a dump. Surprise, surprise.
Pro-lifers pray that although their babies are dead, the moms will be ok.
[HT: Sue]

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