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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once Again We See That NARAL Is More Concerned With Pushing Abortion That A Woman's Health

On January 15, 2012, AUL President & CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest appeared on Fox News Channel & debated a Texas sonogram law that was recently upheld by a federal court ruling. Debating against Yoest was Nancy Keenan of NARAL. Shannon Bream moderated the discussion. Here is that debate:

Pay attention to what Nancy Keenan of NARAL says about not letting a woman have all the information she needs. Then replace abortion with any other proeceedure, including getting your ears pierced, & you will see how felacious her argument really is. Following her logic, my "doctor" who I will be going to for my colonoscopy next month shouldn't have to tell me about the info I need of the dangers etc. I should be "capable" of asking for the information. Why is politicians & regulators interfering in that medical proceedure so that I am fully informed  OK while setting up some basic regs for women to be fully informed about what an abortion is & does isn't?
As for what Keenan says about the relationship between the doctor & the paitent, who is she kidding besides herself? I like what 1 of the commenters said about that on the YouTube comments for it: "The relationship with their doctor? GIVE ME A BREAK! The only relationship women have with an abortion doc is when she's in the stirrups. SHAME ON YOU, Nancy!"
That is 1 of the standard lies the abortion industry tries & push about the abortion industry, that the woman has a doctor/patient relationship with the abortionist. I have more of a relationship with the doctor doing the colonoscopy than the average woman has with the abortionist. In my case, the doctor is a part of the clinic my doctor is affiliated with.
I also have to ask who is she kidding when she says that the abortionist (or as she says, doctor) would ever recommend a sonogram? She knows full well that the abortionist would not do so because it more likely to make the woman not have the abortion than go ahead with it. The various stats I have seen place the number of women who decide against it after a sonogram at 80-90%. So why would an abortionist suggest something clearly against his financial interest? Keenan knows he won't.
That is the bottom line, the bottom line. This is not about a woman's health as NARAL & others in the abortion industry try & paint it. It is about their making money victimizing women & killing unborn babies. Nor is it about the woman getting truthful information. Did you notice how Keenan totally avoids the idea of truthful information. She also knows that if a woman would ask for a sonogram, it is likely the abortionist would do all he could to discourage the woman rather than agree to doing it.  Keenan also knows that in what appears to the woman as a desperate situation she isn't always thinking strait. This info would help her to better cut through the confusion. The abortionist wants to woman to remain confused & desperate until it is too late for her to really think about what she is doing.
I also like how Dr. Charmaine Yoest brings up telemed abortions as the way the industry is going. Keenan totally avoids answering the challenge & goes back to her falacious claims about the industry wanting women to have choices. If that was true, Keenan knows they would welcome to sonogram as well as crisis pregnancy centers & what they do to provide true options.
I wish there had been more time to question Keenan directly on some of her claims. I would love to see her answer some questions about why abortion is different from other medical proceedures? Why is she setting it up to be treated differently? Why have they opposed even basic regulations that apply to other clinics if this is like other doctor/patient relationships? Since they want insurance to treat abortion/birth control the same as any other medical proceedure/precription, why should they be exempt from the same regulations? As for free speech, why are they attacking Crisis Pregnancy Centers that offer true options, unlike Planned Parenthood as the annual report they recently put out shows?
This battle isn't over. But the abortion industry has had a huge setback in their efforts to keep the truth hidden. & that in itself is a huge victory for the unborn.

Source: Charmaine Yoest debates Texas sonogram law with Nancy Keenan of NARAL on Fox News

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