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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Praise God!!!! Satanic Abortion Clinic Permanantly Closed In Rockford

Over the past few years I have written several posts on the Spiritual battle going on in Rockford involving the demonic abortion mill going by the benignly misleading name of the Northern Illinois Women's Center. I have shared how the owner has blasphemously mocked God & the peaceful Pro-lifers praying outside the site. I have shared how several priests of the Rockford diocese prayed the Catholic Church's prayers of exorcism for a building at least twice at the site (with Bishop Doran's approval of course). Then on 1 October 2011 I reported the happy news that the abortion mill had been shut down at least temporarily for health violations.
Last week the abortion mill's owner & the Illinois Department of Health came to an agreement that approved the abortion clinic’s request to reopen. The agreement was originally secret but it came out that as long as it pays a $9,750 fine the NIWC could reopen. They had originally planned on reopening in a couple of days, but days kept passing with no opening date in site.
Well, Friday the 13th turned out to be anything but the day of bad luck that it is supposed to be. It turned out to be a day of great blessing & rejoicing for the unborn of the Rockford area as well as all those Pro-lifers who have put in countless hours of praying & protesting outside the abortion mill. The reason, the abortion mill's director announced they would be permanantlt closing their doors. The reasons given for the decision were a "lack of support from the community, the political climate surrounding the abortion issue both locally and nationally and the challenge the clinic would face in rebuilding staff." & of course they couldn't let the opportunity pass to once more slander the peaceful Pro-lifers by describing their actions as "harassment, intimidation and hostility."
You will notice that they painted themselves as the innocent victim of the political climate rather than take responsibility for their failure to meet health standards. They paint themselves as only caring about the women rather than the hatefilled & racist gang that many a picture proves they are. Pictures that I have shared from  many a Rockford Pro-Life Innitiative post on their site. Their racism was so blatent that Alveda King was scheduled to lead a prayer vigil on 17 January in from of the NIWC. You will also notice that, despite plenty of documentation to the contrary, they refused to admit they were the ones who did the  harassment, intimidation & hostility aided by members of  the Winnebago County Citizens for Choice as videos like this show:

The truth is far different from their claims.
Stephenson County Right To Life who is behind the blog & Rockford Pro-Life Innitiative had this to say about the closing: "Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC) announced today that they would not be reopening their killing center. To God be the glory!!! NIWC said they would not reopen for many reasons, one of which is “lack of support”. Certainly their inability or their unwillingness to comply with existing laws is one of the major factors in their own demise. Some in the pro-abortion group would like to blame the pro-life community for this occurrence. Their unprofessionalism, their blatant disregard for the laws, and their lack of concern for the health and safety of women, to the point of contempt towards women, is another major part of this closing." They went on to rightly describe the closing as a "miraculous event."
The real reason for the closing is ultimately a sprirtual one. Yes it truly is a "miraculous event."  It was an answer to the countless prayers I mentioned earlier in this post. Rockford Pro-Life Innitiative put it this way in a post: "A lot of people have asked what exactly led to the closing of Rockford's abortion mill. Many factors contributed to this once rich, arrogant, and powerful child-killing center turned into a national example of the sickening evil of abortion. 
The idiotic signs that Wayne Webster posted in the clinic windows exposed to full public view the lies of abortion and hidden evil that motivate the murder of babies. The two out-of-state abortionists who seemingly had no standards for sanitation or care for women played a major part in the mill closing.
State of Illinois health inspectors who were greatly disturbed by the dangerous conditions inside the Northern Illinois Women's Center were essential to the closing of this mill.
 But in the long run it was two factors that closed the Northern Illinois Women's Center in Rockford, Illinois. Jesus Christ and the many people who prayed and worked in countless ways for years for an end to the killing in the NIWC." (What Really Closed Rockford's Abortion Mill)
Later they issued the following Thank You: "The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative and Pro-Life corner would like to publicly thank God for closing the Rockford abortion mill. It is only by and through the grace and love of God the horror story known as the Rockford abortion mill has come to an end.
We also want to thank the countless people who spent years working, sacrificing, and praying for this day when the children of Rockford would be safe from the Northern Illinois Women's Center.We don't know what the future will bring but we have seen the hand of God close this demonic killing center today and that is what matters.
Please continue to pray for all the women and men harmed by NIWC and for all the babies whose lives were destroyed behind the walls of this disgraced killing center. Just as God closed the Rockford mill, God will heal the women and men harmed by abortion and hold in His heart for all eternity the babies who died there."
This victory over this demonic clinic is a reminder that we must continue in prayer. Ultimately, as I so often remind everyone, this is a spiritual battle & prayer is the ultimate spiritual weapon God has given us to use. All our actions must begin, end & be undergirded with prayer. It also reminds us that we are not to give up because our praayers seemingly go unanswered. The NIWC has been open since 1973 & people in the Rockford area have been praying ever since. I don't pretend to understand God's timing, or why he allowed this place to stay open as long as it did. But ultimately the prayers were answered & all their efforts blessed with success.
Praise God for this powerful victory in the battle against the demonic "culture of death"!!!!!! May He continue to guide & bless our efforts to build His "Culture of Life" so that 1 day America will once again be a place that protects every human being's inalienable right to life from the 1st moment of existance until natural death.

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