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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Can be Sure This Is All A Ploy by Gronstal to Make It Look Like He Is Trying to Stop Carhart

& he is doing it only because he knows he can't come out in opposition to stopping Carhart because he knows it would be political suicide.

What I am refering to is the fact that rather than allow a bill (HF 657) that would ban late term abortions to come up that passed the Iowa House, Senate majority leader Gronstal at 1st allowed it to languish in committee. Then when a rarely used rule was invoked forcing him to do something, Gronstal assigned the responsibilty for dealing with it to Sen. Joe Bolkcom. Making Bolkcom the floor manager of House File 657 was done, not to bring it up, but to ensure it got gutted. & what replaced it would only look like it would ban Carhart from Council Bluffs so he wouldn't face the wrath of his constituants next year.

Bolkcom was the perfect person to give this assignment to because of his ties to the abortion industry. His wife, Karen Kubby, is the former director of the Emma Goldman abortion clinic in Iowa City. & of course Planned Parenthood has been a contributor to Balkcom's campaigns. FYI, PP has gone on record as opposing HF 657.

The new bill, (SF 534) which passed the Iowa Senate on a straight party vote (26 Dems aye, 23 Republicans, Nay) would do nothing to ban late term abortions. Yes, it would technically ban Carhart from openning a clinic in Council Bluffs, but it would still allow him or anyone else to open a place in 4 other cities in Iowa, including Iowa City/Johnson County where Bolkcom is from.

What the new bill would do is allow what is described as a “Specialized outpatient surgical facility” to open under certain conditions. The bill defines the term as one that "means a freestanding facility, not including a hospital, in which surgical abortion procedures are performed after the fetus has attained a postfertilization age of twenty weeks or more." In otherwords, if the clinic meets the requirements of the law then it can open.

The main requirement: "the specialized outpatient surgical facility will be located in close proximity to a hospital licensed pursuant to chapter 135B that is a level II regional neonatology center or a level III center consistent with 641 IAC 150 for patients of the facility in order to preserve the life or health of a pregnant woman or fetus." Did you notice the sick & twisted last part of the requirement? I am refering to the part about preserving the life or health of the fetus. These 4 hospitals are there to protect the life of an unborn child in situations where that life is in danger. Now they are being used as a cover to allow those same unborn children to be murdered. So much for preserving life or health.

The other twisted part is calling them surgical facilities. I say that becauser while they are, PP & the abortion industry as a whole has fought tooth & nail to keep their abortion mills from being regulated like any other outpatient surgical facility.

Gronstal knows that this bill has absolutely no chance of being passed in the Iowa House or being signed by Governor Branstad. & therein lies the real reason for his switch tactics. Gronstal knew he was in a no-win situation with HF 657. If he voted for it, he would have gotten PP & the rest of the Iowa abortion industry POed at him for taking away a lucrative part of their operations. But if he voted against it, he would have faced certain defeat next year when he came up for reelection. Now Gronstal can go back to Council Bluffs & claim he tried to stop Carhart, but the Republicans are the ones who didn't let him suceed. Sadly, there will probably be enough people convinced unless the right candidate runs against him who keeps hammering him on it & the rest of his failed promises on HF 657.

& regardless of the outcome, Gronstal & Bolkcom have kept their buddies in the Iowa abortion industry happy by ensuring that, either way, late term abortions will continue to be legal in Iowa & they are free to keep killing as many unborn babies as they want.

Note: Among the lies Gronstal used to jsutify the new bill is teh claim that HF 657 was unconstitutional. Given that it was based on the Nebraska law that has yet to be challenged by the abortion industry, there is no way he can make that claim. In fact, rather than fight it, Carhart announced he was moving to Iowa. Now why is that? Simple, because he, as well as the rest of the abortion industry, know it is highly unlikely that the law will be declared unconstitutional. In fact, they are afraid to fight it because when it is upheld, more states will pass similar bills. & they do not want to see a repeat of what happenned when the US Supreme Court upheld a partial birth abortion ban.

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