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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Proof That It Isn't About Choice, It IS About Killing Unborn Babies

If there was ever proof that it isn't about allowing a woman to make a choice, but it is about killing the unborn babies at the altar of abortion, the reactions of these 2 pro-abortion women when they hear about women chosing life as compared to the joy at seeing a baby about to be executed says it all.

Why should they be upset if the woman chose life if it was about life? They shouldn't be. But when you have sold your soul to the demonic "culture of death" whose god demands that you sacrifice unborn babies at the altar of death, abortion is not a choice, it is an absolute only way to go. To put it even more bluntly they have made it into a blasphemous sacrament.

IMHO the owner of the Rockford abortion mill, Wayne Webster, is the high priest of this pagan temple. The doctors who kill the babies are the priests, the operating table is the altar & the unborn babies & the mothers who are sold the lie that abortion is the only way are the victims.

Keep praying for those who are working to get the truth out about what goes on . They are struggling to tell the truth in the face of pure evil. They are literally storming the "gates of hell." Pray especially that the efforts by those who support the abortion mill to stop the mobile ultrasound from saving lives be thwarted. (more here, here & here, the 2nd & 3rd link give more evidence of the demonic connection to abortion.) Jesus promised us that the "gates of hell" would not prevail against His Church (Matthew 16:18), so we know we will win in the end. But we must keep praying in the meantime that day will soon arrive.
The Shame Of The Culture Of Death Exposed

Ultrasound Continues Miraculous Life-Saving Work In Rockford.....

The owner of the Rockford abortion mill is getting so frustrated that children's lives are continually being saved inside the mobile ultrasound clinic, he dragged out two elderly pro-abortion women all the way from McHenry County to stand in the clinic driveway and scream at mothers if they dared to stop to take information on the free mobile ultrasound clinic.
The power of prayer and love is always stronger than ignorance and death. "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is stronger than death. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD." Song of Solomon 8:6
Three mothers used the mobile ultrasound this morning to see the children in their wombs and choose life. Two of these women are going to need continued help so pro-lifers will be meeting with them to provide both moms with the love and support they need.
One interesting thing happened that shows the difference between a people of life and the culture of death.
A woman who chose life at the Rockford abortion mill 14 years ago because pro-lifers had helped her, sent a sidewalk counselor a letter of thanks and a picture of her daughter who will be graduating 8th grade this year. A sidewalk counselor was reading the letter to people at the mill and sharing the mother's words of thanks to pro-lifers for being there when she needed help.
The faces on the two elderly pro-aborts wrinkled in anger and scorn when they heard the grateful mother's joy at choosing life. Their faces went from anger to revulsion when they saw the picture of the beautiful fourteen year old girl who was saved from abortion at this very mill.
The one thing that did cheer up the old pro-aborts was when a mother drove into the abortion mill, screaming and refusing to stop for help. The abortion supporters did a little victory dance that at least this child would not get away alive.
At the end of the day, it was the joy and peace in the faces of the three mothers who used the mobile ultrasound clinic which showed everyone present that it is and always will be Jesus Christ who is "Our Way, Our Truth, and Our LIFE."



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