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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Unmasking the Real Group That IS Intolerant

I highly suspect some heads will roll for putting the pro-gay, anti-Catholic, anti-anything that reeks of Christianity uber-intolerant Mayor Fenty in a position of having to show how much of a bigot he really is when it comes to anyione who doesn't march lockstep with him & his pro-gay agenda. It is also another example of how those who shout the loudest to demand tolerance for their viewpoint are really the intolerant ones who cannot accept anything that may show they are wrong, esp when they ARE wrong.
Remember that this is the same Mayor who presided over the D.C. City Council forcing the Washington Archdiocese to end its foster care program because the D.C. City Council insisted that the archdiocese recognize gay "marriage" partners in its employment practices. They also forced the Archdiocese to amend the health care coverage of it employees in order to avoid giving benefits to same-sex partners.
Like I said, they demand you not only be tolerant of their views, you must accept them. & they can be as intolerant as they want if you don't agree with them.
A Sorry Excuse for Intolerance
Speaking of angry activists, D.C. homosexuals are up in arms because Mayor Adrian Fenty signed a routine certificate of appreciation for a hard-working volunteer who heads a nonprofit organization. Why all the fuss? Because the honoree is Regina Griggs, who serves as Executive Director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX). Griggs (herself the mother of an openly homosexual man) heads up a ministry that supports families and educates people on the fact that the homosexual orientation can be changed.
Ironically, homosexual activists- who present themselves as champions of tolerance--can be viciously intolerant when it comes to ex-gays, whose very existence they seek to deny. That's why PFOX has had to fight for equal treatment for ex-gays, even in places where the law bars "discrimination" based on "sexual orientation." Last year in D.C., a court ruled that ex-gays are protected under the city's Human Rights code, setting an important precedent. Still, pro-homosexual groups were outraged when they learned that Mayor Fenty recognized Griggs's "dedication, commitment, and outstanding contributions" leading PFOX. After the uproar, Fenty said, "It shouldn't have happened [but] it won't ever happen again. We apologize." The mayor blamed his staff for the "mistake," but the petulant anti-ex-gay activists aren't satisfied--they want him to formally rescind the honor. This is just part of the overall movement to marginalize Christians in the nation's capital. Call Mayor Fenty today at 202-727-2980 and tell him that the only one who deserves his apology is Regina Griggs.


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