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Sunday, May 02, 2010

If the Truly Mean This, When Is the Canadian Bishops Conference Going to Repudiate the Winnipeg Statement*

Euthanasia and assisted suicide called “inhuman practices”

By John-Henry Westen
OTTAWA, April 29, 2010 ( - In an advance copy of the message for the May 13 National March for Life, the pro-life arm of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops quotes Pope John Paul II saying that abortion poses “an immense threat to life: not only to the life of individuals but also to that of civilization itself." The message of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) is titled “Threats to Civilization” and notes that the former pope’s “strong warning rings true today.”
The message speaks of the “devastating aftermath of abortion” and notes that “millions of unborn babies have been eliminated by abortion since 1969.” Abortion has “destroyed countless innocent lives and deeply scarred women, men, and children from all walks of life, leaving our society deeply wounded,” says COLF.
COLF warns further that, “Just as abortion intensified its assault on the most innocent members of our society over 40 years ago, the potential legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide now threatens the lives of countless vulnerable persons across the country.”
The message refers to assisted suicide and euthanasia as “inhuman practices.”
The message addresses Catholics and all Canadians, saying, “On the occasion of the March for Life, let us commit ourselves to renewing our civilization through acts of love.”
“It is important,” says the message, “to show our love not only for the unborn child, but also for the frightened mother who considers abortion as a last resort, the silenced partner who can do nothing but watch as his child is taken from him, and the misguided doctor who perverts his or her gift of healing by destroying life.”
The bishops’ message urges political action to “continue to fight for the rights of the unborn.”
The March for Life message concludes by discrediting the notion that abortion and assisted suicide are all about “individual choice.” In reality, it says, “the decision to participate in any one of these life-destroying acts affects not only the individual, but also his or her family and friends, and their entire community … the entire social network that upholds our society.”
To find out more about this year’s March for Life in Ottawa, click here.

* The Winnepeg Statement was a document issued by the CCCB that basicly repudiated Pope Paul V's encyclical Humanae Vitae on artificial birth control. I am sure TH2 could give a much fuller explanation. This is just the Reader's Digest version. Artificial contraception, abortion & euthenasia are all interelated parts of the "culture of death" & as long as they are on record as rejecting Humanae Vitae then they are basicly condoning abortion despite statements like this. Esp since many forms of artificial birth control are abortasfaceants.



  • At 2/5/10 1:26 AM , Blogger TH2 said...


    The best analysis of the Winnipeg Statement comes from the great
    Msgr. Vincent Foy.

    It can be found here:
    (PDF Document)

    It a very good document. Thanks for mentioning yours truly, however.

    The Canadian bishops (from my studying) has shown they do not make a significant presence at the Canadian Pro-Life rally IN PERSON.

    Great Canadian pro-life blogs are:

    (1) Suzanne at BIG BLUE WAVE:
    [Suzanne's a fighter and she constantly has to put up with Moloch worshippers placing smart ass comments at her blog - who never provide valid counterargumentation to her brilliant commentary and analyses]

    (2) John/Steve at SOCON OR BUST:
    [This blog - John mainly (Steve has just joined) is driving the CCCB and the D+P up the wall. These guys are amazing. Great investigative stuff]

    But perhaps you already know about these blogs.

  • At 2/5/10 11:23 PM , Blogger Al said...

    TH2, I knew you could be relied on to point people in the right direction about the Winnipeg statement. To be honest, it is only in recent years that i even heard about it. But that is understandable as, until the advent of blogging & so, not much of that has been reported or discussed down here. Ditto for the Land-O-Lakes statement before Ex Corde.

    The US Bishops do make a bit of an appearance at our March to Life, the most visible being the Mass at the National Shrine. & occasionally 1 does speak at the Rally. But overall, just like in Canada, not much of a signifiant one.

    & grazie for the 2 blogs. No I am not familiar with them.


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