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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Dems Would Have Had Us Kill "Em ALL!!!!!

On Monday the news came out the Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's 17 yr. old daughter Bristol was pregnant. The father is a hockey player from her high school, Levi Johnston. They are planning on getting married. Naturally the left jumped in & began the attacks. Some used this as an opportunity to discredit teaching abstainance. Others tried to use it as a way to put a wedge between her & the Pro-Life Christian bunch. None of this is surprizing. & the left would be screaming loud & strong if things were reversed. Oops silly me, the reverse would never happen, Obama or would have driven his daughter to the abortion clinic & helped in the murdering of the grandchild.
OK, Bristol did slip up. Pre-marital sex is wrong. All I will say about that is what Jesus said to the woman caught in adultry, go & sin no more.
Instead, what you are seeing is how family values really works. You do your best to raise your children. But when they do something wrong, you don't abandon them or make them get an abortion. You love the child & support the child. You welcome the grandchild into your family.
Paul over at Regular Guy had some things to say about this that I can't top. So I'll let him say it for me: "Look at this from the baby's point of view: If your mother is the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, your fate is to become like one of those pictures on the "truth trucks" that no one likes to look at. Your own grandfather will see to that.
If your mother is the daughter of Doug and Sarah Palin, you can look forward to a future of being cherished in the embrace of a loving family.
When you look at it from that point of view, which mother would you prefer?
The anti-life left, so eager to kill, refuses to understand that all humans have a right be welcomed in life, and protected in law." (Punished With A Baby)
As Paul points out in another post (Why They Hate Sarah Palin) the daughter not having an abortion added to Palin's not having an abortion goes against everything that liberals stand for, that abortion is the only solution in situations like this. & they can't handle this.
The Palins have given us a clear comparison between the Pro-Life people who uphold the "Culture of Life" & the Pro-abort/culture of death crowd. We value life. We forgive & support those who are dealing with a crisis pregnancy. Again quoting from Paul's post: "To a liberal, the proper conservative response to an unintended teenage pregnancy is to disown the child, forcing her to either keep her baby in poverty-stricken squalor, or to abort the baby. (And the proper liberal response to that situation, as Barack Obama himself so cleanly articulated, is to simply abort the baby to avert the "punishment" that follows on the "mistake".) But the Palin family has chosen to embrace their daughter, and her baby, and the baby's father." (emphasis mine)
For the liberals the only reaction can be to give into their visceral hate: "This makes liberals' heads explode. They hate Sarah Palin because she has made the choices that they believe no one should make: chosen life for a Down Syndrome baby and the unplanned child of an underage girl. Conservatives are supposed to be about hate, but Sarah and Doug Palin have reacted in both instances with love." The left spews out vitriol, the right loves & supports.
& this love shows that what the left claims is love is anything but. "Liberals know that they are the party of love, and they would have killed these children. Liberals know that conservatives are the party of hate, and yet Doug and Sarah Palin have chosen to love these babies. The Palins fly in the face of everything that liberals know and believe."
I had a paternal aunt who had a child out of wedlock. My Grandma & Grandpa Troup raised the her as if she was their own. For us grandkids she was our aunt & there was absolutely no stigma ever attached to her when all the facts were explained to us as we got older.
Cavey makes a good point as well. "If anyone wants to beat-up on unmarried teenagers who find themselves pregnant, they can start by casting stones at the Virgin Mary and end with my own mother." (So... Damn...What?)
Then there is the child the McCains adopted from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Cindy "saw 160 newborn girls who had been abandoned. The nuns handed her a small baby with a cleft palate so severe that she couldn't be fed. Another baby, also just a few weeks old, had a heart defect. Worried they would die without medical attention, Cindy applied for medical visas to take the girls back to the United States. But the country's minister of health refused to sign the papers. "We can do surgery on this child," an official told her. Cindy, frustrated, slammed her fist on the table. "Then do it! What are you waiting for?" The official, stunned, simply signed the papers. "I don't know where I got the nerve," Cindy said.
When she arrived in Phoenix, she carried the baby with the cleft palate off the plane. Her husband met her at the airport. He looked at the baby. "Where is she going," he asked her. "To our house," she replied. They adopted the little girl and named her Bridget. Family friends adopted the other little girl.
" (Understanding Cindy McCain H/T: Catholic Caveman)
Let's see, adoption & helping the people in crisis pregnancies or killing all the babies? The difference between the who is working to build (even if not completely perfectly) a "Culture of Life" & who has sold their soul to build a "culture of death" is beyond a doubt.


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