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Monday, December 31, 2007

How Did I do in My 2007 Predictions?

Some good, some not so good. Here's my preditions & their accuracy (Correct, Partially right, Wrong:

1. The Iowa economy will get a huge uplift due to the influx of presidential hopefuls, their staffs & the news media. This will all come to a climax with the media feeding frenzy that will be their coverage of the 2008 Iowa Caucuses followed by a period of blissful quiet until after the 2008 conventions.
Technically, this 1 carries over into 2008. The frenzy had a lot of added excitement with the moving up by other states of their dates for primaries & caucuses. In fact at 1 point this nearly did become wholy a 2007 prediction when it began looking like the caucuses would have to be held in Dec 2007. Final numbers aren't in yet, but I can safely say I was right on all counts for this 1 as it is a no-brainer. So this is a correct as far as I'm concerned.
2. (As long as we are on politics) Ralph Nader will announce that he is again running for president despite the fact that he is long past the point of irrelevance, let alone relevance, thus proving the fact that Mr. Nadar has lost all connection with reality.
So far, no announcement, but there is a Draft Nadar for the Green Party campaign. So, I may only be off on my timing.
3. (More politics) Speaker Nancy Pelosi's so-called ethical regime will face new challenges as some huge scandals will errupt forcing some Democrats to actually have to resign. The resulting elections will se an upswing in the number of Republicans but will still not regain control. However it will give them a base to build on to regain control in 2008, if they don't do something stupid to blow it.
No such luck!
4. The (Out of the) Main Stream Media (MSM), CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NY Times & their ilk, will continue its decline. Failing to realize this they will aide their decline by finding new ways to misreport things that will make Dan Rather's bit with the faux National Guard papers look like the model of investigative reporting. Their bias will become so slanted so as to approach Ralph Nader in irrelevance.
The decline definitely continues & with the elections still looming the slant IS becoming more quantifiable. (Recent research is even beginning to show it.) So this is on the way to being correct. So, I'll give it a partial for now.
5. Katie Couric will lose her last shard of perkiness as her ratings continue to decline. Desperate for ratings CBS will make changes to the News that will prove the former Tiffany Network has become the Cubic Zirconia Network & will take tabloid jounalism to a new low.
A YEAR TO FORGET MILLIONS OF VIEWERS WAVE GOODBYE TO COURIC Per this report in the NY Post she lost 1.1 million viewers over the last year. & a lot of other things have proven CBS is now the Cubic Zirconia Network, so I'll give this a partial.
6. Iran & Syria will throw off its last vestiges of decency as it openly works for the destruction of Israel. They will make an attack on Israel whose justification will be so patently fraudulent that even the UN will be forced to do more than pass another resolution.
This still may happen, but since it didn't in 2007, I'll count it as a miss.
7. The above incident will also put the cesspool of corruption in the UN so out into the open that the possibility of real reform will be possible for the 1st time in ages. How likely this will actually happen depends on the strength of will of the new Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon & the new United States ambassador to stand up to the European members who will still be in a state of denial about the facts.
8. Sightings of the indult (motto propio) to allow a greater use of the Traditional Latin Mass (so-called Tridentine) will continue to be reported. When the indult does finally surface those moonbats on the left will go into shock but quickly scream loudly about how this is a betrayal of the "Spirit of Vatican II". Sightings of this mythical "Spirit" will begin to rival that of Bigfoot & Elvis combined. (Note: There is a real Spirit of Vatican II, it is the Holy Spirit. & what He did in Vatican II is found in the documents of Vatican II not these moonbats imaginations.) This indult will not placate those on the far right as they reject Vatican II & this indult will rightly uphold the Council. While the increased use of the Traditional Mass will increase it will not always be done in the so-called mythical pre-Vatican II reverance. (As someone who remembers those days I can honestly say that it isn't the old or new liturgy as much as it is the reverance of the priest & others involved.)
BINGO!!!!! Nothing more to add.
9. The new English translation of the "Novus Ordo" will get final approval by Rome. When the texts are compared to the 1970s translation that translation will so pail in translation to the new 1 that most people will wonder how the ICEL could ever have allowed it. The usual suspects will continue to decry the new translation using the same old canard of how it will create confusion. The truth is they know it will show up the decades of confusion that they have foisted off on the Church in America. How well it is implimented will depend on the bishop of the diocese. Those like Bishops Finn, Bruskewitz, & Doran will see that it is done right, others will allow the abuses to continue until a new bishop takes over. Vox Clara will rightly be acclaimed & orginizations like Adoremus will be called on to help with its proper implimentation. Where the new translation is done right it will prove that the Novus Ordo is just as reverant & valid as the Traditional Mass.
Still waiting for its release, but the decrying has continued loud & clear. So, I'll give this a partial awaiting future developments.
10. Because of the 2 above events those on the far left & far right will become even more marginalized in the Church. Sadly they will continue to live in denial of reality. They will prefer the delusion that they are on the right path to the truth that what is actually going on is the work of the Holy Spirit.
Even with the above events this is predicated on not yet completely fulfilled everything else has been so accurate (esp with the liberals) I have to say this is a correct.
11. Papa Benedetto will come out will several controversial statements. They will be controversial because they uphold Catholic teaching on abortion, homosexuality, pre-marital sex etc. In other words the Pope will do his job as Chief Shepherd of the Church like he should.
Given the recent document on evangelization, the Pope's newest encyclical, books etc, this is 100% accurate.
12. Europe's spiritual decline will continue while in the 3rd World the growth of the Catholic Church will accelerate. This growth will be because the Gospel is faithfully proclaimed in an orthodox manner. Things in Europe & the USA won't be all bad. Many more islands of orthodoxy will spring up as more new bishops who will do their job are appointed. But this won't take place overnight.
This is in part a long range prediction by with the appointment of bishops like Coadjutor Archbishop John C. Nienstedt & Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo being made a cardinal, it is looking fairly accurate. & 3rd World growth of the Church continues. But since it is long range I'll only count it as a partial.
The fantasy predictions don't count. But it looks like I didn't do too bad. Lets count up the score. I give myself 1 point for each right, 1/2 for each partial & 0 for each wrong. The final count is 4 right, 5 partial & 3 wrong resulting in a 6.5 point total (out of 12 possible) & 9 out of 12 at least partial is pretty good. Maybe I'll try it again for 2008!


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