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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Candidates Who Live in Glass Mansions . . . .

Shouldn't have their supporters sling mud!!!!!

In this case I am refering to Governor Mitt Romney.
The other day in a post on Governor Mike Huckabee I made mention about the fact that he was going to be speaking at John Hagee's Church (Mike Huckabee Visits DBQ/Loras College). I said that I wasn't happy that he was doing so but understood why. I made reference to the fact that it was no different than Bush's visit to Bob Jones U in 2000.
But part of my comment also made mention of the fact that I found out through the Romney campaign. Actually it was an e-mail sent out by a paid staffer under her own name, but clearly ment to get Catholics to support Romney. I made the following comment: "I would like to ask Gov Romney if he opposed President Bush's 2000 campaign visit to anti-Catholic Bob Jones Univesity as vocally." I soon found out something even more interesting about Romney & Bob Jones. It came in the form of a comment on my post by a Huckabee supporter. It turns out Romney was endorsed by Bob Jones III.
I did a little research & found an article on Newsmax that had the following statement by Romney about his Bob Jones endorsement: ""We're proud to have Dr. Jones' support and look forward to working with him to communicate Governor Romney's message of conservative change to voters," Romney spokesman William Holley said in a statement." (Bob Jones III Backs Romney)
So what do Bob Jones III, his dad Bob Jones Jr, & Bob Jones University feel about the Catholic Church. I'll share what I said in the response e-mail I sent out to all those who got the same e-mail I got. I also sent it to the Romney supporter who sent it to me.
"At 1 time they posted this on the University website: " If there are those who wish to charge us with being anti-Catholicism, we plead guilty.
We love the practicing Catholic and earnestly desire to see him accept the Christ of the Cross, leave the false system that has enslaved his soul, and enjoy the freedom of sins forgiven that is available for any of us in Christ alone.""
"Bob Jones Jr. said the following (fully supported by Bob Jones III) about the Catholic Church: "It is a satanic counterfeit, an ecclesiastic tyranny over the souls of men....It is the old harlot of the book of the Revelation—'the Mother of Harlots." He also said that every Pope is demon possessed."
I went on to say in that e-mail: "My question is this: If it is wrong for Huckabee to talk at Hagee's Church, isn't it just as wrong for Romney to be endorsed by Bob Jones III?"
Well, isn't it????? In fact isn't it ever more so?
This attempt by Romney's campaign has been done in a way that allows for plausable deniability by Romney. Since it was sent out by a supporter, but without mentioning Romney's name, they can deny it is a part of the campaign.
But it is a 2-edged sword that can come back & bite the Romney campaign. Huckabee has denounced Hagee's anti-Catholic stands. & that will definitely keep the damage to a minimum. I have yet to see any comment by Romney decrying Jones' views on Catholics. Romney will be the 1 who comes across as anti-Catholic, not Huckabee. He will also be viewed as someone who uses dirty tricks. That will be in part because of the fact that it is his supporters spreading the word about Huckabee & Hagee. It will raise questions in the minds of people who are still undecided, as well as many of his weaker supporters. & the end result will be the net loss of support in Iowa & beyond.
I was a Brownback supporter. When he dropped out I began looking arround to see who I liked best. There are 3 candidates that I like. So, I am still not 100% sure who I am supporting next Thursday at the Iowa Caucuses. But I am sure of who I am not supporting. & that is Gov. Romney.


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