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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When Confronted With the Truth, Liberal Catholycs Attack With Lies & Personal Attacks

On 2 March, my latest letter to the TH on the heretical goings on involving the Sinsinawa Dominicans appeared. I wrote a post about it here. It didn't take long for the attacks to begin, not only om what I said, but me personally. Most of them were in the comments section of the letter on the TH website. But a few days later I got a letter in the mail. I suspected it might be in response to the TH letter when there was NO return address. When I opened it I found a clipping as well as a letter. I quickly scanned the letter to see if it was signed., As expected it wasn't. So I didn't bother to go back to read the letter or the notes made on the clipping from the Non-Catholic Reporter. I didn't bother with reading the article either. All I noticed was that the article was an attack piece on those who were involved with the LCWR investigation. I did notice 2 things as I scanned the letter. It was at the start where it refered to a "well known catholic newspaper". As I said, that paper was the Distorter that the article was taken from. The rest is from the last line where I was called judgmental as well as a coward if I didn't write something about the priests scandal as well.
I had to laugh at being called a coward. I am the one who stood up & spoke out. Yet she wasn't willing to sign her name. I say her name because I did notice she said that she & her husband would be watching me. Notice, it was worded in the form of a threat.
Well, the next Saturday, the next salvo came in the form of the following letter written in response to mine. Note: I am intentionally leaving his name out, even though I wouldn't have to. But I do wonder if it was his wife that wrote the unsigned letter.
"I was disappointed to read Allen Troupe's letter (March 2) demonizing Sister Donna Quinn's effort to modernize the current state of the Catholic Church.

It seems many young adults are presently turning away from the Catholic Church because of its refusal to update its ultraconservative views of the world.

Women still cannot stand in front of a Catholic congregation and say a Mass, even though they equally devote their lives to God. Last year, the pope railed against gay marriage. He stated his views may be "counter-cultural" to younger generations.

You know there's a serious disconnect between Church leaders and the fundamental principles of a Christian-based religion when the leaders call social justice and equal rights "counter-cultural."

And what is the basis for the Vatican not allowing social justice? "Tradition," of course.

Jesus modernized the Jewish faith by updating the rigid traditional rules set forth in the Old Testament, proving that the way we practice our faith and religion can evolve and change.

I will continue to support people such as Sister Donna Quinn and Father Roy Bourgeois, who devote their lives to fight for social justice based on the principles of Jesus Christ, even though their own Church ignores them.

It is 2013 and the new leader of the Catholic Church is going to be chosen by an electorate of old, white, ultraconservative men. Change is clearly not going to be coming from the inside, so how about we start supporting a change from the outside?"
 Since the letter was signed, I decided to privately respond to him. The letter is below. As you will notice, I pointed out he is the one who is actually doing the demonizing, not me. In addition, I pointed out that he lied about me stating my views were countercultural to younger generations.
That I was attacked & that he deliberately lied about what I said is no surprize. This same thing happened to me in January when my previous letter to the TH about the goings on at Sinisinawa appeared.
I honestly do not expect a reply from him. I have yet to hear a reply from that priest to the letter I sent him. These people do not want an honest conversation. They just want to destroy the Catholic Church. & they will do so by any means possible. However, as I pointed out, they will fail, as all attempts in the past have failed.
"I am writing this in response to the letter that appeared in the 9 March 2013 issue of the Telegraph Herald.
You began by accusing me of "demonizing" Sr. Donna Quinn's efforts. Over the years I have seen that when a liberal uses that term, it means that the person so labeled is actually the one being demonized. The reason for doing so is because that person has hit the nail on the head when it comes to telling the truth. Thus instead of admitting that what  he said is true, the speaker of the truth is attacked in an effort to destroy his reputation.   Since this is one of the big guns used by liberals & the left to do harm to the truth teller, I feel like I have arrived in the big leagues. I am humbled that God has so used me that I am attacked this way. This attack on me for speaking up is a blessing of the type   mentioned in Matthew 5:11-12.
I stand by my claim that what Sr. Donna is doing, aided & abetted in doing by the Sinsinawa Dominican leadership, IS heresy. Heresy is "the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith." (Catechism 2089). The Catholic Church has taught from the beginning that abortion is a sin, that marriage is only between a man and a woman & that only men (vir) can be ordained priests. These truths cannot be denied without falling into heresy.
By saying that she is attempting to "modernize" the Church you have also admitted that she is promoting the heresy of modernism that was condemned by Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical "Pascendi".
As for your claim that it "seems many young adults are presently turning away from the Catholic Church", the facts present a different picture. When I worked at a college, I saw a hunger for the truths of the Catholic Church, not a turning away because those     views were what you labeled "ultraconservative". They welcomed what the Church teaches. The huge number of young adults and teens at last January's March for Life is proof of that. Those facts were ignored by the pro-abortion media because it didn't fit into their agenda of attacking the Catholic Church.
Additionally, I saw an upswing in the desire for Eucharistic adoration among those college aged people.
As for vocations, unlike the Sinsinawa Dominicans, the numbers are up for those Women's religious orders that are supportive of the Church's teachings. Two examples, among many, are the Nashville Dominicans and the Ann Arbor Dominicans.
There is also an upswing in vocations to men's religious orders as well. These vocations are not only to orders that do the Novus Ordo reverently, but to groups like the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter as well. Additionally the number of young men who have vocations to the diocesan priesthood is up as well.
I also see plenty of young adults at the parish I attend who embrace those teachings. Many of them are married with families of 3, 4, 5 or more children.
You out and out lied when you claimed I said that I stated in the letter I wrote that my   views may be "counter-cultural" to those young adults. I said no such thing, about young adults, or Catholics in general. The term appeared nowhere in my letter, in any context & you knew it when you wrote what you did. But, since you brought it up, may I point out that the Catholic Church has been counter-cultural from the beginning. It hasalways stood up, called sin. It has refused to bow to the dictates of those in charge, whether it be to worship the Roman emperor as a god or allow abortions.
You are right about one thing. The Catholic Church will never change from within. The Holy Spirit will ensure that, as well as protect it from attacks from without. That can be seen by the failed attempts of everyone from the Gnostics, to the Arians up to the modernists to do so from within. Additionally we can look & see the same result from those attacking from without, that includes people like Nero, Hitler, Stalin & many others down through the centuries.
Whether it is Sr. Donna or Ray Bourgeous or supporters of their heresies, like you, your actions are NOT based on the principles of Jesus Christ. In fact they are in opposition to them. Jesus' principles were based on the unchanging Divine truths He proclaimed. What you are doing is an attempt to destroy those principles as well as deny the truths behind them.
As an aside, I have a copy of the "Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church" that  contains what the Catholic Church actually teaches on social justice. I have & will continue to devote time to studying that compendium as well as the "Catechism of the  Catholic Church" so I can grow in my knowledge of the magisterial teachings of the Church as well as more fully live them out.
Might I suggest you that you join a church that embraces your views? The Episcopal Church could use some new members as they have seen a huge decline of 1/3 of their  membership over the last 3 decades or so. A huge part of that decline has been because of their embracing the very things you want the Catholic Church to embrace. Many of   those individuals who left as well as many of the parishes have joined the Catholic Church because we still hold to those teachings you attack. This has happened not only  in America, but elsewhere in the Anglican communion as well. While we have yet to see a whole Episcopal/Anglican diocese seek to reunite with the Catholic Church, I   suspect the day where that happens is not very far off.
While there is so much more I could respond to, I will end by saying that I am praying   that the Holy Spirit will open your (& the Sinsinawa Dominicans) eyes to the truths He has revealed through the Church. Also that you will open your hearts, receive them & reject those heretical viewpoints you now hold. That prayer has included offering up the Mass I attended last Sunday as well as spending time at the 2 Adoration Chapels in the area praying for you as well.

Please pray for these people, that they will see & accept the truth, before it is too late.
Additionally, I am not writing this for any sympathy or glory. All I am doing is trying to educate those who are not aware of the liberal Catholics in Name Only tactics. Hopefully, I will also give you some ideas of how to respond in a respectful manner while standing up for the truth as well.

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