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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The End - Of Religious Liberty - Is Nigh

As most people know, today is the day that the HHS Mandate intended to not only pay back the abortion industry, but to completely destroy any vestiges of religious liberty goes into effect. With a few temporary exemptions, & any temporary injunctions, all businesses have to start covering birth control & abortafaceants like ella in their insurance plans, & unlike real life saving drugs, with no copay. Since most businesses coverage year runs from 1 January to 1 January that means that they have got to make sure that when the plans renew or new ones go into effect on that date, the include the mandated coverage.  Those companies who haven't already begun the process of making changes & don't start today will face fines of $100 a day per employee until they do. In short, they arefacing a strong armed threat that the Mafia never dreamed of doing.
Many Catholic, & even non-Catholic businesses have objected to this forced coverage on the grounds of religious belief. But, because they don't even come close to the definition of those few groups given the 1 year extention, they are left with a huge problem. Give in, or face bankrupting fines.
Many groups don't even meet the criteria for the extention. One example is Priests for Life (PFL). They have to start complying today. However, PFL has said they won't comply & have opted for civil disobedience instead. 
Many others have said the same thing. But not all.
My question is this, if every business, organization, etc, that objects to the mandate stood up & said no we aren't going to cooperate, nor are we going to pay the fines, what could the government do? There would be way too many for them to go after all of them. & even if they did try to go after a few they still wouldn't suceed.
Sadly, we have way too many businesses owned by Catholics that won't even object. DBQ is a fine example. Given that DBQ is about 60-80% Catholic, at least in name, it is likely that at least half, if not more, of the small busienesses are run by Catholics that should be objecting to the mandate. Unfortunately, we have way too many of the Harken, Vilsack, Sibelius "catholics in name only" that are Democrats 1st & Catholics second. That includes both colleges that call themselves Catholic, all the convents & many others, including people working in the parish offices & the DBQ Archdiocesan chancery. (Note not 100% sure about the Catholic hospital in town, but I am aware that they aren't exactly solidly Catholic.)
But even without them, there are enough that are faithjful to really put a spanner in the works.
In fact, I would like to make a modest proposal that was inspired by the huge sucess of  the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day so far. While many parts of the country don't have a Chick-fil-A, people are traveling elsewhere when they can, unfotunately I can't, to show their support.
So, what if there was a huge one day event to let people know our opposition. I know there have been many rallies including ones scheduled at multiple sites on the same day.
But I am talking about something bigger.
What if every business run by those who oppose the mandate, regardless of if it is because they are opposed to abortion/birth control or that they object to the attack on religious freedom were to all shut down for one day? Of course that would exclude hospitals since they provide essential services. Others staying open would be all Pro-life crisis centers. They provide essential services as well.  But what if every other business did shut down for the day, & let people know why through advertising in all local media? It should be big enough to have some effect. This could be followed by an appreciation day the next day.
The Chick-fil-A support alone is showing that views of the Obama administration, the main stream media & others are not the mainstream values, even in Chicago, that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel claims they are. The HHS mandate destroying religious liberties are just as much out of the mainstream. & something like what I suggest would show it.
OK, I know I am not the one to do it alone, but if someone, or ones, would step forward with the wherewithal, I would gladly help.
But no matter if an event does or doesn't occur, those opposing the mandate must stand fast & refuse to give into the racketeering style tactics being used by the Obama administration. We must be willing to stand up for our faith, & pay the price, just like the early Christians did in the Roman empire, or like the Ugandan martyrs in the 19th century, or the Chinese martyrs (past & present) & many many other that have over the centuries.
Again, we must pray, pray pray. We must ask God to give us the strength to do what is right. & the grace to pay the price, should we have to.

See Bakery sees business boom after ‘gay wedding cake’ refusal  for the story of another business who stood up for its beliefs & has seen a public outpouring of support.



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