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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Whatsoever You Do to the Least of My Brethren" Includes the Unborn

Earlier today I put up a post about prenatal screening being used to kill off unborn babies with Down syndrome & other "disabilities". I talked a bit about how we have allowed a "utilitarian" viewpoint determine whether someone should be allowed to live rather than acknowledging the God given right to live that every human being, born or preborn has.

Later on I read the following reflection based on the 1st reading ( Exodus 2:1-15) at Mass today. & while the whole thing hit me as building on what I said, 1 line especially stood out. "We are to honor all members of His body, but the weakest and smallest we must honor with even greater care (1 Cor 12:22-24)." (emphasis mine) Whoa!!!!! By allowing prenatal screening to be used to eliminate these children that are considered disabled we are doing exactly the opposite. & in doing so, we are dishonoring God.

It also reminded me once again of 1 of my favorite lines that is in the book as well as movie version of "The Hiding Place". Corrie ten Boom is being asked by the SS Officer about her work. When she talks about her catechetical work with retarded children he asks her if it isn't a waste of time for her to have done so she comes back with the line "How do you know that in the eyes of God one of them isn't worth more than you or I?"

What we consider the least clearly isn't in the eyes of God. As this reflection points out, the damage done by the murder of 53 million + unborn babies has done far more damage than we realize. The loss goes far beyond the things we usually think of, for example, people working & paying into Social Security that would make it solvent. The worst damage done has been the damage to the body of Christ here on Earth. What those who claim to be Catholic but support abortion forget is that by doing this to these least, we are doing it Jesus. (Matthew 25:40)

& to the extent that the rest of us don't do what we can, we will have to answer as well. We need to remember that the work to build a culture of life has consequences that are not merely temporal, they are eternal.

"I DO NOT NEED YOU" (1 Cor 12:21)

"There was a baby boy, crying!" —Exodus 2:6

When we support the elimination of babies by abortion and artificial contraception, we say to these unwanted members of Jesus' body, "I do not need you" (1 Cor 12:21). Can we even call ourselves Christians if we have so much disdain for Jesus' body that we don't care if millions of members of His body are murdered or never given a chance to exist? Can we call ourselves Christians if we have so little regard for Christ's body that we don't mind if His body is weakened, disfigured, or paralyzed by the absence of many millions of members worldwide?
Powerful, well-financed organizations reach into every corner of the globe to advance the spread of abortion and artificial contraception. If, as St. Teresa of Avila says, Jesus has no hands but ours and no feet but ours, then His body on earth is being more and more crippled with the elimination of each child that would have strengthened His body. We are to honor all members of His body, but the weakest and smallest we must honor with even greater care (1 Cor 12:22-24).
The Catholic Church champions the body of Christ in its teaching. However, far too many Catholics disobey the teachings of their Church. They are pro-choice; they choose to please their own bodies. It doesn't bother them that Jesus' body is broken as long as their own body doesn't suffer. Catholics, repent of disfiguring the body of Christ instead of building it up. Catholics, oppose abortion and artificial contraception. Jesus asks you, "Do you love My body?" (see Jn 21:15) How will you answer Him today? How will you answer Him on Judgment Day?


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