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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Battle of the Iowa Budget is Down to Defunding Certain Medicaid Abortions

Iowa's unusually long budget battle in the Iowa Legislature has come down to what types of abortions Medicaid will or won't pay for.

I 1st heard about this last nite on the radio. The Republicans want to cut out all Medicaid funding except to save the life of the mother. & with where medicine is these days that isn't too likely. They also want to allow abortions in cases when the unborn child with not survive. Republicans also want informed consent provisions in place that inform women of abortion risks and alternatives and allow an ultrasound to be shown to women before having an abortion. Currently Medicaid covers those plus in the case of rape & incest.

Naturally the Dems are totally oppsed to any changes on the law. I can't remember who the Democratic legislator was they interviewed last nite, but what she said shows how little they truly value life. She said that in the last 4 years there have only been 3 or 4 of them. (Actually there have only been 3 since 2005.) She went on to say that instead of cutting back on providing health care for the needy we should be expanding access to it. In her mind killing a baby (or should I say executing the innocent baby because of the crime of the father) is health care. Sick, isn't it?

She went on to say that forcing a woman "may" cause mental anguish that she shouldn't have to go through. Funny, but I've mostly heard the opposite story from those women who went through with the pregnancy after rape. & of course she totally ignores the by now proven, except to pro-aborts, fact that post-abortion syndrome can do much worse.

Sen. Jack Hatch, D-Des Moines, chairman of an Iowa Senate budget subcommittee called the Republicans radical for trying to stop what has been legal for 33 years in Iowa. I wonder if he would have said a similar thing about slavery in 1859? I suspect he would have given it was the Dems who were pro-slavery.

This isn't about denying women health care. This is about protecting the most helpless human beings of all, the unborn, from being murdered. & the Republicans know it. Rep. Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, said he was concerned about the lives of both the mother & the child. "I do believe a child is a sacred gift from God." Quite a different viewpoint from the it's only 3 0r 4, isn't it?

The Iowa Legislature was supposed to adjurn on 29 April. Meanwhile, if a budget isn't passed & signed by the Governor on Thursday Iowa will be operating without 1 as the new fiscal year begins 1 July. As of this point, nothing has been definitely settled yet but the Legislature is still in session. & God willing the Republican stand will win out.

While this doesn't completely ban tax monies from funding abortion, the Republicans are taking a step in the right direction. & with Democratic control of the Senate, probably this is about as far as they will be able to get. But, small as it is, it is another step in the Nationwide trend to put more & more limits on abortion until they can be totally banned. A day that, please God, will soon be here.



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