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Monday, June 27, 2011

Planned Parenthood Heartland Spreading It's Evil Tentacles to Oklahoma & Arkansas

On the heels of their recent takeover of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH) announced on Friday that they are taking over the running of Planned Parenthood of Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma (PPAEO) & have signed a management contract with intent to merge into one affiliate by January 1, 2012. After the merger PPH will have about 30 centers in 4 states, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma & Arkansas. & PPH has announced they want to ad 6 new sites in Iowa & 6 in Nebraska.

When I 1st saw the announcement in the TH on saturday I knew that this had to be the next step in both PPH's & the national organization's plan to extend telemed abortions. It also raises more questions about how well Planned Parenthood is really doing across the country even before the loss of funds in several states. These mergers usually are the result of the need for an affiliate that is having financial problems being taken over by a stonger one.

Steve Brody of DBQ Co Right to Life has shared his concerns with LifeNews about the expansion: “Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is positioning themselves to be the monster affiliate in the Midwest. Earlier this year, they swallowed up Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa, and will consume Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa at the end of this week. Now comes word that Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma is next.
It would be interesting to know the true story behind all of these mergers, and learn if these are all underperforming according to Planned Parenthood’s standards,” Brody added. “It could also be due to the mandate of having all affiliates offer abortion services. It is even more troubling to know that telemed or webcam abortions are now poised to be exported out of the State of Iowa, putting even more vulnerable women at risk

Monster is a good word to describe PPH. Over the last few weeks they have had several supporters write letters to the DBQ paper twisting what DCRTL & the rest of us have said about opposing telemed abortions. They quickly drop the abortion aspect because they know that they can't actually defend it, especially since they do not follow FDA protocols. Instead they make it sound like we are trying to get completely rid of telemedicine, even though the staments by pro-lifers have made it clear that isn't true.

& of course, with the latest announcement, PPH makes it sound like they are the only ones in those areas providing access to affordable health care. Never mind that there are way more clinics in every state that provide much more real health care that the clinics that PP operates. For instance, in Indiana PP tried to make it sound like a huge number of medicaid recipients will suffer because PP was defunded. But in fact, if the 9300 they refer is correct that is only .91% of the total registered medicaid recipients in the state. (Source) Additionally, there are only 38 PP sites in Indiana & a total of 800 qualified medicaid providers.

The fact is, even what little real health care PP does occasionally provide, their main goal is us even that as a pipeline for doing more abortions. They extol those few people as a cover for the fact that abortions are the heart & soul of what they do. That they twist the numbers & facts should be no surprize to anyone who carefully examines their claims, annual reports, etc. So the fact that the latest announcement carefully omits the truth about this being a way to expand their abortion business shouldn't be a surprize either.

Planned Parenthood as a whole is losing support. The defunding of them in several states & what is going on elsewhere to limit what they do is making them desperate. & that means we can't simple sit back & stop fighting because it seems we are winning. I compare that depseration to that of a wounded wild animal. They will do all they can to fight back. So we must keep up the battle on all fronts, starting with prayer of course, until PP no longer exists in any way shape or form.

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