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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fr. Z's Take on How the Non-Catholic Reporter (aka NCFishwrap) May Be Dealing with bin Laden's Death

OK, I know in a post earlier today I said I was putting up my final thoughts. & I did. But Fr. John Zuhlsdorf reminds us that much of the left must be going through a crisis right now of dealing with their adulation of Obama as their Obamessiah versus their dislike of the actions taken to get bin Laden. No he isn't gloating about bin Laden's death. Rather he is using humor to point out the hypocricy of those on the left.

The über-Left likes President Obama, and so there is silence about Libya. But they don’t like covert military actions.
They are on the horns of a dilemma!
What are the symmetries between what is done to the USA and then what the USA does to others?
Even as most of the country and much of the world feel some closure today, staffers in offices of the NCFishwrap and their writers are may be duly annoyed that the USA didn’t pull a Jimmy Carter this time too.
Here is what they could be saying at Fishwrap today:
Jamie Manson: “Now we have to see action against other terrorist organizations such as the Mossad and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”
Sr. Joan Chittister: “The Government has money to spend for covert actions against old men but they are trying to restrict the rights of public service employees in Wisconsin.”
Fr. Richard McBrien: “The pursuit and now killing of Osama have been allowed to distract us from the violence committed year in and year out by the anti-abortion movement.”
Mary Ann McGivern: “The Navy Seals killed a defenseless woman in their obsession to kill Osama. Some heroism!”*
John L. Allen, Jr.: “Under the cover of the assassination of UBL, the Vatican sacked an Australian bishop, much to the delight, I’m sure, of those Taliban Catholics.”
Tom C. Fox: “Tom Gumbleton and I are outraged that the Seals didn’t read Usama Bin Laden his Miranda Rights and give him the opportunity through due process of law to prove his innocence. Guilty before proven guilty.”
Michael Sean Winters: “On hearing the news today, my eyes filled with tears. I realized that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 will be the occasion of a new Ground-Zero. A new translation is being imposed by Rome.”
Eugene Kennedy: “I was struck by the language used to describe the attack on Osama. The parallels between the images of the CIA and Seals as a dark, twisted priestly culture are ….”
Barbara Blaine: “All priests are child molesters.”
Sr. Elizabeth Johnson: “The Bishops banned my book.”
Roy Bourgeois: “And we’re still not ordaining women.”
Meanwhile, Fr. Z reportedly wrote: “This story – thank goodness – was able to bump reruns of the royal wedding off the air.”


*Note: This is a reference to the reports that bin Laden used a woman, apparently his wife, as a shield during the raid.


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