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Friday, January 28, 2011


by Brian Clowes
Published by Human Life International

Caution: This review includes some items from the book about Maries Stopes International that is not suitable for youngsters let alone anyone else, but you need to be aware of what MSI is up to. As the book says, the material is truly disgusting & will scandalize the easily offended. I will have a 2nd warning at the point I get to that section of the book.

Earlier this week I received a package from Human Life International (HLI) that contained a newly published book about Marie Stopes International (MSI). In 2008 I 1st learned of MSI from reading some articles put out by HLI. At the time I wrote a post about MSI called "Meet Margaret Sanger's British Doppelgänger, Marie Stopes". I looked at the parallels between Sanger & Stopes as well as how Planned Parenthood & MSI work to carry out their agendas. The two groups could well be called twins. What I have seen since has convinced me I was right. Until now. After reading this book I am about to say something I never thought I would say. Some of what MSI is doing makes PP look like they are saintly in comparison. Yup. PP is the good twin in comparison. In comparison. So if PP is evil, & it is, what does that say about MSI?
Well, that is where this 36 page book comes in as a valuable resource to learn more about Marie Carmichael Stopes & the organization that came out of her work.
The 1st part of the book gives a short biography of Stopes. (Anyone who knows Sanger's life story will recognize quite a few similarities.) She was 1 of the early leaders in the British Eugenics movement. In 1921 she founded the Society for Constructive Birth and Racial Progress (CBC). She was a big fan of Adolph Hitler & his eugenics program. In 1952 she helped found the International Planned Parent Federation. & this is only a part of her pedegree mentioned in the book.
MSI was started in 1976 & operates out of London. It is the 2nd largest provider of "reproductive health services" in the UK. The National Health Service is #1. & like PP it makes big bucks from abortions. MSI charges £440 ($699.768) for an RU-486 abortion & up to £1,720 ($2,735.46) for a surgical abortion which is allowed up to 24 weeks in the UK. Note: these are the 2010 rates in the book, according to the MS website, the 2011 pricers have gone up. These are for private clients. MSI abortions are also covered by the National Health Service when refered by a GP. (I wonder if they follow PP's example & overbill the government?)
There is a push in the UK to lower the late term abortion limit to 20 weeks. Naturally MSI is opposed. Their reason: “We must recognise that there will always be a need for later terminations, as a proportion of women, through no fault of their own, either do not recognise symptoms of pregnancy or have no reason to suspect that they could possibly be pregnant at all if, for example, they are regularly using a modern form of contraception.” (Liz Davies, Director of UK & Western Europe Operations) 24 weeks means the woman is 5-1/2 months along. While there are a few women that may not realize they are pregnant until that far along, I doubt it is the problem they claim it is. Also not how they use the term "symptoms" to make it sound like pregnancy is a disease or illness.
MSI pushes for abortions at any time during the 9 months of pregnancy. & of course they fight to undermine parental rights as well. Naturally MSI has not met a form of sex, gay or straight, it doesn't like.
MSI is required by law to provide counseling before abortions. As the book points out, they don't exactly give accurate info, just what is needed to push women to have an abortion. & it charges £80 ($127.23) whether the consultation is by phone or face to face.
& this is just what they do in the UK.
Naturally, like the IPPF, they are pushing for making abortion available at any time any place in the world. In 2007 they had 477 sitew world wide. Not surprizing, about 90% of their clinics are found in developing countries. These include 25 in Kenya, 48 in Pakistan & over 100 in Bangladesh. They are also big proponants of medical abortions using RU-486. As of 2007 they were dispensing the drug in 28 Asian & African countries. As the book points out, since this drug can be dispensed without a clinic, they can use it to get arround pro-life governments.
Of course they like to say they are just giving the people what they want. But the truth is, these "elites" are promoting their own agenda. In 2007 MSI launched an on-line petition drive. At the end of the drive in 2008 they had a total of 650 signatures. Compare this to a drive launched at the same time by C-FAM. In 2 weeks they had 26,000 signatures. & on the same day MSI presented its petition to the UN, petions signed by 54 million families called for extending the Universal Declaration on Human Rights to the preborn.
MSI talks about legal abortions. But the book documents how they provide illegal abortions all over the world.
The book looks in depth at how MSI is working hand in hand with the Chinese government to impliment their 1 child policy. & profit from it as well.
& of course, MSI sees the Catholic Church as its #1 foe.

OK, here is where I have to talk about some of the most DISGUSTING things MSI is doing.

& they are disgusting. In fact, as the book says, "MSI makes Planned Parenthood look like a bunch of blushing virgins." Or like I said above, saintly. Anyone who is familiar with PP knows that they have set the bar pretty high on promoting things that are sick & twisted.
I join Brian Clowes in taking the lead from Dave Barry when I say "I swear I am not making any of this up!" & I will limit myself to just a couple of the activities promoted by MSI.
I have to start by saying that never in my wildest teen-aged fantasies could I have come up with the activities I read in the next few pages.
I won't go into all the gory details about the 2006 UK "Masturbate-a-Thon" that was a fund raiser of which MSI was 1 of the 2 benificiaries (an HIV & sexual health charity was the other). 1 of the prizes was for the "Most Orgasms". They had monitors to determine this was well as to keep track of the time the men spent at it. The Brit who won went for 6-1/2 hours. I don't know who was sicker, the participants or the people (or should I say voyeurs?) that did the timekeeping & counting.
Then there are the various ways they promote their Vixen condoms. You will have to read the book to find out about the puppet shows.
But what probably got me the most is the animated commercial described. Even the title is pure porn. "Pinky Bits the Sex Fairy Meets the Big 'O'" The title alone should give you an idea of the story line. Once more I must precede what lies ahead with a caution of the adult content. The story is about how Pinky can't get her "box" to work properly until she meets up with the Big O, who "brought her box to life". The moral of the mini-porn movie is "With Vixen, Women Always Come First." When I read the descrition of the "ad" I couldn't help but think of the porn movie "Deep Throat" (& no I never saw it even though I am familiar with the story line) in that Pinky & Linda Lovelace had a similar problem.
I suspect that nothing I read in the 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography (aka The Meese Report) could compete with what MSI is doing to sell their depraved lifestyle agenda. By the time I got done reading about the various things they aimed at "liberated women" to help them with their sex life, I asked myself, wasn't thought the goal of the feminist movement was to ensure women were treated with respect & not as sex objects? Well, MSI has done their part to ensure that that is all women are seen as.
Like I said, what I shared was only a part of the activities aimed at women documented in the book. Of course they promote vasectomies for men. In 2007 they offered men a Valentine's vasectomy special.
The book does end with some ways to battle MSI as well with other organizations promoting the "culture of death". (Supporting pro-life groups like HLI is 1 of them.)
If you made it this far, congratulations. I can tell you I was in shock for a quite a while after reading the book. I admit that I wasn't a saint in my younger days, but as I said, never in my wildest teenaged fantasies could I come up with some of the things MSI did. Even now as I reviewed the book & reread some of the things so I could share them, I feel like I could go for a long, long shower to get cleaned up. & I thought I felt dirty after going on PP's website to do research about them.
No the book is not for everyone. Some people cannot handle even the edited details found in it. That having been said, if you have the stomach for it, I highly reccomend you get the book. It is a valuable resource that will help you to battle MSI, PP & the rest of the "culture of death". The book is available at HLI for $5 a copy plus shipping.
I received my copy because of past support to help with the production of the book. They also included a pamphlet on the teachings of the Catholic Church as well as many common prayers. The 2nd enclosure was a small aid to help you make a good confession. Those items are also available from HLI.
I have to conclude by saying I applaud Brian Clowes & those who helped with his research for wading through the cesspool that is MSI. I know from experience that it is not an easy job to research subjects like this. Given the size of the book, I realize this is only an overview of MSI. I dread to think what else there is that they weren't able to fit it. May God bless them for their efforts in doing the research.

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