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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Killing Babies, Killing Adults - It's All the Same to Them

Here we go again. Rockford's abortion mill keeps sinking deeper & deeper into the mire. Given the track record in Rockford, I highly doubt anything will be done about the threat. But you can be sure that if a Pro-lifer had even hinted at having a gun he or she would have been hauled in for questioning & it would be blaring all over the headlines. Yet, as I have shared before & Rockford Pro-Life has reported even more times, the abortion clinic & the owner get cart blanche to do whatever they want. While the Pro-lifers are harrassed, threatened & even assaulted & those doing it do so with impunity.
By the way the pro-aborts screamed at the Pro-life sidewalk counselors we see how afraid they are of a woman actually being able to make an informed choice about abortion. They know that if a woman see the truth, & esp an ultrasound, she will likely opt against abortion. When they talk about being pro-choice they are really pro-only chosing abortion not life for the child. For them there is no other choice. So, rather than allow the woman to know the truth, they do all they can to silence the Pro-life message.
In 2008 the Pro-abortion gang thought they had won it all, Pro-abort Congress & Pro-abort President. They thought that they could ram through whatever they wanted. While they did suceed on a lot of fronts, they found out the Pro-life side wasn't going to be silent or lay down & surrender. & when we began to win a few battles, including some huge Pro-life wins in elections, they knew their victory might be short lived. So, we are seeing their response. & it is threats & violence. Meanwhile they continue to paint us as the violent ones & label us as terrorists.
& they continue to do all they can to terrorize & murder unborn babies as well as do all they can to threaten thos eof us who dare to speak up.
The Rockford abortion mill is a prime example of the demonic roots of the "culture of death". & why what we are involved in is ultimately a spiritual battle that can only be won on our knees. yes, we must act, but, as I have said again & again, we must begin, end & undergird our efforts with prayer, prayer & more prayer. In the end it is God who will bring about the victory. But we must do our part.
Abortion Supporter Threatens To Kill Pro-Lifers At Infamous Rockford Abortion Mill.
Rockford IL, December 3, 2010 - The Rockford abortion mill was visited by five abortion supporters from the Chicago area today who stood at the driveway to the mill screaming at mothers not to talk with pro-life sidewalk counselors. They had come to Rockford to try to block mothers from using a free mobile ultrasound motor home that has been parking near the mill to offer help to mothers in need.

In an attempt to confuse and turn mothers away from seeing a free ultrasound, the abortion mill security guard placed a sign near the motor home that said, "Free Abortions In Motor-home."
Pro-Abortion Violence Escalating.
A man who brought a young lady into the clinic for an abortion seemed emboldened by the verbal attacks by the other abortion supporters against pro-lifers when he reached into his pocket and pretended that he had a gun.
Then the man pulled his hand out of his pocket in the shape of a handgun and looked directly at the pro-lifers and said, "What would you do if I pulled out my 45 and put a bullet in your head?"
Pro-lifers know that pro-life veteran Joe Scheidler and his family, who live close to Rockford, had just a few days before met with pro-abortion violence. Pro-lifers immediately asked the police for help.
A Rockford police officer went to speak with the man who threatened pro-lifers, but the abortion mill landlord and security guard Wayne Webster, who is known for dressing up as the devil, came out of the mill and took over the conversation between the two men.
Many pro-lifers witnessed the incident this morning. Donna Modica said, "It's clear these abortion supporters think that because they can kill a baby in the womb, they can do whatever they want to anyone. The violence of abortion breeds more violence."
Later in the morning Wayne Webster came out of the mill and taunted one of the pro-lifers by saying, "Maybe he should have shot you."

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