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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Che Miracolo!!!! - The Newspaper Iowa Depends On Finally Covers Iowa Planned Parenthood Investigation

On 6 May, I put up my latest post on the ongoing imfamia here in Iowa involving Planned Parenthood & their "telemed" abortions. (Another State, Another Planned Parenthood Breaking the Law) I said to pray "that the Iowa media will finally start paying some attention to it as they have totally ignored it up to now. Not that I am surprized given how pro-abort it is."
Today's Des Moines Sunday Register was just delivered here where I work. & wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, the headline read Faraway doctors give abortion pills by video. Yes, not only are they covering it, it made the front page.
Naturally PP is trying to spin things to make it sound like they are following the law & that this is an attempt to deny women "quality health care". & of course it downplays the dangers, despite te facts to the contrary. No mention of the "fact that at least 13 women have died from medical abortions and over 1,100 have suffered serious complications." ('Telemed' Abortions Under Investigation in Iowa)
PP even pulled out a survey it took of "200 patients who used the system and 200 patients who received abortion pills in face-to-face meetings with physicians. The researcher found that 94 percent of women who used the teleconferencing system were "very satisfied" with their experience, compared with 88 percent in the standard group. The study found no serious complications in any of the 400 cases." (Note: They don't mention the "independent researcher " but I would be willing to bet it was the not-so-independent Guttmacher Institute.)
Then there is the fact that "insurance companies are charged $1,000 for the procedure, twice the cost of cash patients and over 2 1/2 times the national average cost for such abortions." Again more proof that this is about how PP can raise its profits at the expense of the health & safety of the women they are victimizing. & of course they care even less about the safety of the unborn children.
I have no idea why the Register finally covered this, or put it on the front page. There has to be something yet to come to light that made them do so at this point. Otherwise, why admit that PP is even under investigation???? & while the bias in favor of PP is there, the article does not paint Operation Rescue as the bad guys. In fact it ends the article with the following quote by Troy Newman, the Operation Rescue leader, where he says that his group's complaint isn't just a ploy to limit access to abortion. "We're anti-abortion. We make no bones about that," he said. "But we're also pro-woman, and we think all women should get the best health care possible."
I also have to admit I am a bit surprized that this is being published so close to PP President Cecile Richards visit to Iowa this coming Thursday. (Come 1, Come All to Give Cecille Richards the Message Planned Parenthood Not Welcomed Here ) Naturally, the article didn't mention that fact. Now to see if the DBQ TH picks up on the story. & if so, where they bury it.
In the meantime, i am just happy that the story is getting out there.
PS: The article also points out Iowa is the only state where this is taking place. This is definitely not something this Iowa Boy sees as something to brag about. Be ashamed of, yes. Brag about, NO!

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