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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool = Adolph Hitler - What In the Theological Place of Eternal Damnation

Upcoming question on Family Feud: We asked 1oo people to Name the Coolest Mass Murdering Dictator.

Well, not quite, but workers for the British National Health Service were asked to rate Hitler's coolness on a scale of 1 to 5. Meanwhile, Britain's socialist healthcare system sees fit to waste taxpayer money on this, while neglected patients desperately drink water out of flower vases.
Why would anyone even want to ask a question like this????? Maybe, as the article at Moonbattery where I found this said, it is to rehabilitate Hiltler. Afterall, despite claims that the right are the Nazis & Fascists, it is really the left who are the direct descendants of Hitler's & Mussolini's political philosphy of state socialism, not the right.
In their minds they could be thinking: "So we make Hitler into Joe Cool & downplay all the things he did that people think were bad or evil. We get people to see him as a good guy then we can admit we are following in his footsteps & people will ignore the rest of what he did that we will naturally do as well."
I hope not. But then again, given the Orwellian mindset of these people, it could very well be a 1st step in that direction. God have mercy on us if it is!!!!!
STRUGGLING health authority shelled out £10,000 on a survey asking staff if they thought HITLER was COOL.
The bizarre questionnaire also asked NHS workers to compare the Nazi dictator to their OWN chief executive.
Staff were asked to rate the "coolness" of other leaders including Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Winston Churchill and England manager Fabio Cappello.
The survey — called Making Leadership Cool — was rubber-stamped by NHS West Midlands Strategic Health Authority.
Health chiefs forked out £10,000 to fund the project after two paramedics applied for a bursary to carry out the survey.
It was circulated to all 3,300 workers at West Midlands Ambulance Service at the end of last month.
Health chiefs will use the results, which form part of a year-long study, to develop a Leadership Development Programme to be published next April.
Staff were asked how "cool" they thought chief exec Ian Cumming was on a scale of 1 to 5.
Under Mr Cumming's name, workers were asked to rate the coolness of Adolf Hitler, and asked if being gay, funny or black made a leader cool. Read more:
Source: Was Hitler 'cool', asks NHS
It was a question that left NHS [National Health Service] staff gasping in disbelief: the survey wanted to know how "cool" they would rate Adolf Hitler, on a scale of one to five.
"Cool" is not a word usually associated with the Nazi dictator who plunged the world into a war that cost tens of millions of lives. To add to their discomfort, the ambulance employees were then asked to rate Hitler in comparison with their own chief executive.
Workers were also asked to rate the "coolness" of other leaders including Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Winston Churchill and the England football team manager, Fabio Capello. The survey, entitled Making Leadership Cool, is part of a £10,000 project that will help the NHS West Midlands Strategic Health Authority to devise a new leadership strategy.
Source: Rehabilitating Hitler?


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