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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Come 1, Come All to Give Cecille Richards the Message Planned Parenthood Not Welcomed Here

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post about Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa's* plans to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a gala fundraiser featuring PP head pre-born baby murder promoter, Cecille Richards. (30 Years Is 31 Too Many) In it I mentioned that plans were being made to give Cecile Richards a proper welcome to Iowa. Well plans have been made & here are the details:
4:00 p.m. Baby shower drop-off begins
St Pius X Church
4949 Council Street NE
4:30 p.m. Rally and press conference
St Pius X Church
5:00 p.m. Protest Cecile Richards
Cedar Rapids Marriott
1200 Collins Road NE
As you can see, it is being kicked off with a "baby shower" to collect baby goods for Cedar Rapids pregnancy centers. Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League will be EmCeeing the rally & press conference. At 5 pm we will be marching down the block to protest in front of the Marriott. (It is only a short distance of about 3 blocks from St. Pius to the Marriott & will, depending on the lights, take us less than 10 minutes to get there. & since Collins Rd is a main road in CR we will also have plenty of people see us as we march.)
If you are in the Dubuque area, Dubuque County Right to Life has reserved a bus to transport people to participate in this peaceful protest in Cedar Rapids. The bus will load from Theisen's parking lot (Hwy 20) at 2 pm & return around 8 pm. Call their office @ 563-556-5960 for more info or to reserve your seat. Colleen & Steve will be glad to help you learn more about what you can do on that day. (Note: The cost to ride the bus is a free will offering.)
In the Chicago area, contact the Pro-Life Action League for more info about the rally. They are also taking donations to help offset the costs of the rally.
& if you are within reasonable, or even not so reasonable driving distance, please come & join us. Be sure to bring the baby shower gifts & signs for the protest.
Remember that this is the same Cecile Richards who once called the pro-lifers who were opposing the opening of the huge Aurora, Illinois abortuary “some of the ugliest anti-choice protesters we’ve ever seen.”
As Eric Scheidler points out: Moms and dads with kids in strollers, grandmothers with their Rosary beads, high-school teens rallying on behalf of their unborn brothers and sisters—that’s what Cecile Richards calls “ugly.”
The theme of the rally/protest is “Abortion is nothing to celebrate!” Again, I ask as many who can to come so we can make sure that the media & everyone else gets that message presented to them in a peaceful loving manner.
& if you can't come then pray that the protest will be a success: fair weather, great turnout & good media coverage of the message that “Abortion is nothing to celebrate!” (Note: I know of at least 1 parish in the DBQ area, St. Mary's Catholic Church of E DBQ, that is actually collecting items for the shower from those who will be unable to make it. If you are in the DBQ area & can't go, contact them about donating something for the baby shower.)
* PPECI is the PP affiliate that operates the DBQ site as well as the site in CR. They also ran a 3rd site in Monticello that closed after being open less than 2 years. At present neither site offers abortions, surgical or chemical via remote. But you can be sure that is in their plans should the sites stay open. Which we are praying they won't.



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