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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010? - No! In This Case 1935!!!!!

This was told to Bishop Victor Galeone by his mother, Rita Galeone, when he was a priest, aged 35, who was about to leave to serve as a missionary in Peru.
She started crying & when asked why said: "I'm going to tell you something that I've told no one except your father. It was during the Depression years. The social worker came by to see how things were going. I told her that everything was fine except that I had missed two of my periods in a row.
'Oh that's very bad news, Signora Rita! I'll come back on Thursday afternoon and take you to see this doctor, and he will make your period come'
I told her that I could never do that. . .that I would rather die first.
'What! You won't cooperate! Where's your husband?' - He's out looking for work. - 'Over two years without a steady job, and you won't cooperate! Three young mouths to feed already and you won't cooperate! When your husband returns, talk this over with him. If you don't cooperate, we just might take those two cards away from you. I'll see you on Thursday!'*"
When his father came home she told him what the social worker had said.
After a long silence he said: "Very well, let them! The Lord will provide."
Bishop Galeone's reaction: “For the first time in my life-- on learning how close I had come to not seeing the light of day-- I fully realized what a precious gift life is.”
I have to wonder how many other women were blackmailed by this, & other social workers, into getting an abortion so that the family would continue to get government help. & remember, this is back when abortions were illegal. The government social worker was taking the woman to get an illegal, back alley abortion. & I highly suspect that the doctors were paid out of government funds through some creative bookkeeping.
As I read this I also couldn't help but thinking how little things have changed. Woman are still being told there is no other choice but abortion. Many women are still being "forced" into getting an abortion. & if ObamaCare goes into effect there will be more women on welfare who will be put into this position by their government social worker. They will be blackmailed into getting an abortion paid for by us taxpayers. & that is exactly what it was, is & will continue to be, blackmail.
You will also notice that this part of the story is never mentioned when we hear those who want to keep abortion legal talk about the dangerous back alley abortions women were "forced" to get.
*If you haven't figured out by now, Bishop Galeone was that 4th child & the 2 cards were 1 that entitled the family to receive a large bag of dried beans every 2 weeks & the other was for an occasional delivery of coal in the winter.



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