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Thursday, February 04, 2010

To Me This Is the Equivalent of the Mafia Bragging to the Media About the # of Hits It Did Last Year

Not only are they calling evil good, they are bragging about it. It comes to over 2500 abortions a day. Sick, sick sick!!!!! & what is sicker is they are saying that advancing their eugenics racist agenda to eliminate those they see as inferior is something to be proud of, not ashamed.
FYI, like Margaret Sanger in the USA, Mary Stopes was a huge promoter of eugenics. She bemoaned the abolition of child labour for the lower classes. She said that those from "an inferior stock" (as she saw the poor) should work. & like Sanger, a fan of Hitler. She also disinherited her son when he married a woman who was myopic because her prospective grandchildren might inherit the condition.
So, as you can see, her organization is implimenting her agenda like PP is Sanger's. That agenda is clearly the "culture of daeth" agenda. & it is INTRINSICLY EVIL plain & simple.

by Steven Ertelt Editor

Washington, DC ( -- The Britain-based abortion business Marie Stopes international announced today that it did 920,000 abortions in 43 countries in 2009. The British equivalent of Planned Parenthood said it experienced the largest annual growth in the organization's 33-year history, according to the figures it released today.
MSI indicated most of its work takes place in developing countries and in rural areas or urban slums where is says the "need" for abortion is at its greatest.“MSI continues to expand and evolve while maintaining our principles and our commitment to quality,” MSI’s Chief Executive Dana Hovig bragged. “Our focus on improving the quality, efficiency and impact of our programs globally has produced the third consecutive year of robust growth."
The 920,000 medical and surgical abortions represented a 56% increase on the previous year’s figures.
The numbers provide additional proof of the inability of aggressive promotion of contraception to prevent abortions as MSI also distributed record numbers of contraception, birth control, and morning after pills.
While bring about the demise of millions of unborn children and injuring countless women physically or because of mental health issues following abortion, MSI claims it was able to avert maternal deaths by doing the abortions.
"MSI family planning and reproductive health services across 43 countries averted ... nearly 35,000 maternal deaths, reducing global maternal mortality by about six percent," the abortion business claimed.
That comes even as research data continues to show that nations where women and children are protected from abortions see the lowest maternal mortality rates.
Hovig attributed MSI’s 2009 results in part to increased investment by international donor partners such as the Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
“The decision of the Dutch Government and UNFPA to increase their investment in MSI has had a direct effect on our ability to expand [abortion]," she said.
The increased UNFPA donations are concerning because pro-abortion American President Barack Obama has forced Americans to send millions to the pro-abortion agency, which also work with population control officials in China.
The new report indicates that, in 2009, Marie Stopes International added 55 clinics to an existing network of 560 clinics, and hundreds more outreach sites in rural areas.
MIS expanded its BlueStar social franchising network, launched in 2007, to over 1,000 private sector franchisees in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Madagascar and Vietnam.
The abortion business bragged that it now represents 20% of all modern method contraceptive use in Malawi, Sierra Leone and Tanzania, and 10% of all use in Kenya, Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda and Yemen -- developing relationships that will turn women into future abortion customers.
The abortion business infused over 1.6 million women or men with long-acting and permanent methods of contraception, a 33% increase on 2008.
The abortion numbers will likely rise if MSI has any chance to increase them.
“Achieving record results in 2009 cannot be an excuse for complacency,” said Hovig. “Quite the contrary, there is so much for all of us to do."



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