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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Why Not the Same Outrage

A couple of days ago I was listening to a radio program that looks at what was the big hits of a certain year at this time. They were focusing in on this time of year in 1969.
The host pointed out that the number of US dead in Vietnam had just reached 30,000. To put that in perspective, my Dad was sent by the Air Force to Vietnam in Jan of 1962. & the US had already been there for a while. The announcer went on to talk about how this number was causing people of all political persuasions to become very vocal about ending the war.
Fast forward to 2010. Each day at least 3200 unborn children are killed in the USA via abortion. It takes a little over 9 days for that number to equal the number of dead in Vietnam.
9+ years = 30,000 dead, huge outrage esp by media.
9+ days = 30,000 dead, except for Pro-lifers & a few media the outrage is missing
What's wrong with this picture?????
I think we know some of the answer. Back then the media was against the war. Remember that Walter Cronkite's turning against it in '68, even though we were winning was a huge factor in LBJ's deciding not to run for reelection. Now, except for some of those at FOX,, talk radio & the alternate media, the MSM is pro-abortion. Look at their coverage of the March for Life that downplayed numbers, lied about the ages, esp the women, etc, in what little they did provide. (CNN’s Rick Sanchez Not Sure Who’s Protesting At Annual Pro-Life March in D.C.) Notice esp how they ignored the Silent No More people.
The MSM knows that if they reported things accurately then people would know over 50% of America opposes abortion. If they showed the truth about abortion & what it does, they know that even more people WILL TURN AGAINST IT.
That is why the US media has not wanted to run this Priests for Life ad:

Thankfully at least 1 station in Canada is willing to. (Canadian TV to air pro-life ad rejected in US) This ad is a part of the PFL America Will Not Reject AbortionUntil America Sees Abortion! campaign.
This is why the pro-aborts are so upset about the upcoming Tebow ad. The media & the whole abortion industry knows that if the truth gets out there people will turn more & more against abortion.
That is why we have to keep getting the message out. We need to show people what abortion is & what it does, to the unborn child as well as the parents. I know some people are not to happy with the graphic pictures. However, if you notice it, most of those who are unhappy are por-abortion & hide behind their children seeing those pictures (while usually letting them watch stuff just as bad on TV).
I remember the picture of the young girl in Vietnam who was burned by napalm. ( Phan Thị Kim Phúc) The pictures we are using today to show what abortion does are, IMHO, the equivalent of that picture. People must know the horror of what abortion really is. & that is why the MSM & the abortion industry tries to silence us, tries to hide those facts (the pictures & ultra-sounds) or tries to deny them. & again, why we must (undergirded as always by prayer) keep telling the truth.


  • At 2/2/10 7:57 AM , Blogger Robert Simms said...

    The reaction from the, so called, "pro-choice" crowd shows what we've know all along.....they are not pro choice, but rather pro abortion.

  • At 15/2/10 1:40 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Sir, your comparison between deaths in Vietnam and abortions is misleading. During Vietnam American men were drafted, they had no choice but to go to war and face the possibility of death.

    Abortions are not forced in America, they remain an option for people who know that they do not have the resources or ability to care for a child.

    I realize, as every reasonable person does, that that option should not be taken lightly, it is a serious heart-wrenching decision.

    I do not understand the rabid demonizing of those who believe that the woman making this difficult decision is the best judge of her situation.

    If your figures are correct, I am truly shocked and greived that so many women find that they are unable to provide their would-be children the kind of care they deserve.

    I feel that pro-choice activists would find that abortion rates would decrease if all children born in this country had a right to health coverage and education through college. The lack of these basic rights is what is truly outrageous.

  • At 15/2/10 11:15 PM , Blogger Al said...

    May I remind you that those 3200 unborn children that are killed each day have even less choice than those who were drafted. & not everyone who went over to Vietnam was drafted. Many, like my dad were career military men. He was a Tec-Sargebt in the USAF when they sent him over.

    As for taking care of the child, before & after birth, that is a bogus arguement. There are plenty of pro-life pregnancy centers like Birthright & CareNet that providw omen with help, medical & material during the pregnancy & after birth. There are also plenty of adoption agencies that could help the woman find a loving home for that child.

    For many women, it also isn't a matter of inability to care for the child, but a selfish unwillingness to want to be bothered.

    There is never a good reason to abort a child & the fact that you ignore all those facts show me that you are, sad to say, the truly uncaring one.

    Pro-choicere don't give a damn about the unborn, or their getting health care or their getting an educatuion. & that is because pro-choice is pro-abortion. Look at the outrage from the so-called pro-choicers when Sarah Palen or Tim Tebow's mom tell of their choice NOT to abort.

    As for the figures, they are based on statistcis by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute along with state figures where available.

    Pro-choice sees abortion as the only choice, that is why calling themselves pro-choice is misleading. Pro-life on the other hand is just that, pro-life. They know there are better options than abortion. & we help support those places like I mentioned above that provide them with both time & money.


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