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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pro-Choice is Only Pro-Choice If That Choice Is For an Abortion

Over the last few days I have been following the reaction by the pro-aborts to the upcoming Super Bowl Ad featuring Tim Tebow & his mother where she talks about the choice to carry Tim to term despite doctors recommending she have an abortion. It just confirms the truth that was made clear in 2008 over their reaction to Sarah Palin's choice to have a Down syndrome child rather than abort it.
It isn't about choice. It is about abortion. It is about that being the only option, not a choice. When someone like Sarah Palin or Mrs. Tebow chooses to have the child, then it shows woman that abortion isn't the only option. & that is a fact that the "pro-choice" gang doesn't want women to know, that to choose to have the child is a valid choice.
What the pro-abortion gang is saying is that when a doctor tells a woman to have an abortion that woman should blindly obey that doctor & have it. The pro-aborts are the ones who actually oppose choice, not the pro-lifers. We support making the right choice, to let the child live.
They attack this ad as being misleading, confusing & divisive. Yet it is the pro-aborts that lie about what abortion is really about. They fight any laws that show the truth about abortion. They call the facts confusing. They don't want show women an ultrasound. they don't tell women about the emotional & physical harm abortion does. Women can't sort that info out, they say. You know what I think when I hear them say all that? By their saying the facts are too confusing they are calling women stupid. They are saying women are to dumb to make an educated choice by knowing all the facts. So, don't tell them the facts, just push them into having an abortion. Pretty insulting to women, isn't it? That is what I think. they talk about empowering women, yet they say woman can handle that power & these helpless women should trust the pro-aborts to know what is best. As I said, insulting to women.
The reality is, & they know it, when most women who are honestly searching for answers are told the truth about abortion those women will choose life, not abortion. Pro-aborts hate ultrasounds because of the 90% success rate of them convincing women to not have the abortion.
If the pro-aborts were truly pro-choice as they claim, then they would applaud women like Sarah Palin who made the choice to have Trig. They would applaud Mrs. Tebow for making the choice to have Tim rather than attacking her as a liar. They are not pro-choice, they are pro-abortion as the only way, not a choice. & this reaction to the Tebow ad is the latest bit of evidence proving that fact.
NOTE: LifeSiteNews has started a the petition to support CBS and its decision to air the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad. To join the Facebook page to Support the Tim Tebow Ad, click here. Please sign the petition as pro-abortion groups have already gathered and presented to CBS over 120,000 signatures protesting the ad.
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