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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama's 1st "State of the Union" Speech

Obama will give his 1st State of the Union speech tonite. While I am sure he will try & paint as rosy a picture as he can about how things are going, there are some things I suspect he would like to say but won't.
Here are a few of the things I suspect he is thinking but will be sure won't be on his teleprompter:
" My fellow Democrats, a year ago we gathered her in DC to crown me as Messiah & Savior of the world. We started out with great hope that we would be able to take permanant control & remake the USA into the socialist state we wanted it to be. The fact that the Nobel committee gave me the Peace Prize was a confirmation that we were well on the way. Sadly things have not gone our way.
We should have seen things going the wrong way when the IOC gave the 2016 Olympics to Brazil. As you know those Olympics were intended to celebrate our complete takeover & my coronation as president for life.
Then we weren't able to push through ObamaCare so we could take over complete control sureptitiously.
I won't even go into the diaster that was Copenhagen.
& with the losses of 2 governorships & the recent Senate loss it looks like things are definitely not going as we planned. The 2010 & 2012 elections were meant to be a mere formality while we arranged to put an end to them & give ourselves permanent control. But with those losses it looks like we have to change our plans.
That is why I am declaring martial law effective immediately. Even as we speak I am having Janet Napolitano send federal officers to arrest Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin & the entire news team at Fox on charges of sedition & treason. There are also officers waiting outside to do the same with the Republican members of Congress as well as Chief Justice Roberts, & Justices Alito, Scalia, Thomas & Kennedy.
In the next few weeks we will be rounding up every cartoonist & blogger who has said even 1 negative thing about me & sending them to concentration camps. We will also be doing the same with the entire pro-life movement. We have to ensure that those radical terrorists operating under the pro-life guise are put away before they do any harm. After all we know that all they want to do is terrorize women so they can no longer exercise their right to an abortion. Every pro-life pregnancy center will be shut down. & those bishops like Chaput, DiNardo & Rigali who have dared to criticize ObamaCare will be arrested as well.
Speaking of terrorists, I have authorized every federal marshall to shoot on sight any gun owner & confiscate their guns. & every teabagger is being rounded up as well. They will be sent to reeducation camps to insure that any of their any of their anti-higher tax thoughts are permanantly eliminated from their minds. We will be using electroshock therapy as well as waterboarding to acomplish this.
I am also sending troops down to Brazil so we can annex it & assure that we still have the 2016 Olympics.
We will also be declaring war on the Vatican so that its people can be set free from that dictator Benedict XVI. Our propaganda department has created enough fake evidience to prove that he cooperated with the Nazis, under orders from Pius XII. & we will have him tried & convicted as a war criminal under a special court set up to do so. The same falsified evidence will be used to posthumously try & convict John Paul II & Pius XII of war crimes as well. At the bequest of former President Clinton who will be the judge, we are also creating, opps again, finding evidence to convict Mother Teresa of doing the same. he says he 1st began to suspect her when she called him on the carpet publicly for supporting abortion. We are in negotiations with Cardinal Mahony, Bishops Gumbleton & Weakland to set up a new Catholic pope who will wholeheartedly endorse all our actions especially the spread of abortion & the homosexual agenda.
Soon we will be in complete & permanant control of this country.
I know this is not how we had planned it, but as I pointed out, some things started going wrong so we are left with no other option but this 1 that I am laying before you.
I made this decision after consultation with VP Biden, Sen Reid & Speaker Pelosi.
I now speak to those Americans out there to assure you that we are doing this for your own good. The government knows what is best & you can be sure that those of you who deserve it & serve a purpose will be given all you need so that you can continue to function as productive members of the United Soviet Socialist State of America."
Like I said, this is not what he will say, but I am sure that at least some, if not all of this is what he is thinking & would say if he could.


  • At 27/1/10 9:41 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    I did not even bother to watch it (it is shown north of the border). No interest in hearing him speak for that length. Will wait for objective commentaries thereof.


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