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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Interesting Reports from Human Life International

These are taken from the Jan 2010 issue of HLI Mission Report:

Dr. Ligaya A. Acosta, HLI’s Regional Coordinator for Asia shared the following as a part of her report on her trip to Kazakhstan.

She gave a one-day talk at the annual gathering of nuns from all over the huge Diocese of Astana. Anyone who is aware of the promotion of abortion & the "culture of death" by UNICEF won't be surprized by what 1 nun told her. She told Dr. Acosta that she now understands why, "when the sisters requested medicine from UNICEF for a sick baby, they were given boxes of condoms instead!" (emphasis HLI) Did you get that? Condoms, NOT medicine. UNICEF, that promotes itself as helping children is, in reality more concerned about promoting immorality than saving the lives of those children it claims to be concerned about.
She also gave a talk in the Diocese of Karaganda. The Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity felt the need tohave her speak with their youth wards in their house in Temirtau. It grew to be a talk to about 100 people. When the Bishop heard of this, he mandated all the priests & seminarians of the diocese to attend as well as a delegation of young people. (Oh for more bishops like that in the USA!)
Later in the report Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of HLI, shared about his journey to Belarus. he spoke at the Major Seminary, St. Thomas Aquinas, in Grodno, Belarus. That seminary is where all the men studying for the priesthood in Belarus go. He spoke to about 60 men sharing what the battle will be like after they are ordained.
Later Fr. Euteneuer went to Mogilev where he helped the local pro-life group with their sidewalk counseling at the local abortion hospital. what really made it unique is that fact that, unlike here in the USA, they could actually go into the abortion mill & talk to the women coming for abortions. Fr. Euteneuer calls his praying the Rosary as he sat in the abortion hospital 1 of the most unique experiences of his life. I have to agree. Can you imagine any abortion mill in the USA allowing us to do the same thing? We all know that they would have us arrested instead.
As an aside, their special offer for donors of $49 or more is a talk by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen entitled "First the Spiritual, Then Take Action". In it Archbishop Sheen says that we must combine both the spirituality and the action of our faith. One without the other is not sufficient. We must combine the Church of social action & the Church of individual sanctification into One
Church. Something I have said time after time myself.
Follow the link above to read the rest of the newsletter. & if you do not already support HLI, please consider doing so. They are at the forefront in the battle aainst the "culture of death" & the efforts to build a "Culture of Life".


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