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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pro-Life Action League's Joe Sceidler's Shares His DC Encounter W/ ND's Fr. Jenkins

Finally a Chance To Talk with Jenkins
by Joe Scheidler—January 25th, 2010

Besides being probably the largest Pro-Life March in Washington to commemorate the January 22, 1973 U. S. Supreme Court’s unconstitutional rulings that legalized child-killing in America, this year’s 37th annual March for Life afforded many opportunities to advance our cause.
There were meetings, seminars, planning sessions, talks, discussions, and even the scheduling of numerable new programs to be launched in 2010.
It wasn’t only the regularly scheduled programs that produced much positive input; but literally hundreds of discussions over the tables engendered ideas for successful activities in the coming year.
One opportunity I had fall in my lap was a chance to talk to the infamous Fr. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame, who just happened to be standing near some Notre Dame students and one of the huge signs that said, “Fr. Jenkins, Free the N. D. 88,” referring to the eighty-eight pro-lifers where were arrested at Notre Dame last spring while protesting the invitation of pro-abortion Barack Obama to receive a law degree and speak at the graduation exercises.
“Well, You’ve Told Me”
We have tried to reach him through registered mail and numerous phone calls, but suddenly there he was standing just a few feet away!
So I went up to him and told him I was speaking on behalf of many friends and fellow Domers, and that he should pardon forthwith the Notre Dame 88. He was polite but absolutely noncommittal, saying something like, “Well, you’ve told me.”
I also told him I was a former student of Notre Dame and that I had taught at the University. So that he wouldn’t forget who I was, I gave him my Pro-Life Action League business card, which he put in his pocket. I hope he remembers that it is there.
He Could Drop Charges, If He Wanted To
Later in the day, after holding one of the huge yellow and black signs, Ann and I talked to some of the four-hundred Notre Dame students who had come to the March. We let them know that—despite the notion being passed around that Fr. Jenkins cannot have the charges dropped because they are now in the hands of the court—with his power and reputation he would have no trouble at all getting these charges of trespass dropped. After all, he is the one who instigated them in the first place.
We believe the charges will be nullified, if not by Fr. Jenkins, which seems unlikely, then by the court itself.
In any event, keep that issue in your prayers and pray for the conversion of Fr. Jenkins, who is going to be around Notre Dame for a long time, and—with his recent attitude—is not going to be what we had hoped for.


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