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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Internet's Worst Website?

There are many possible contenders for this that I could suggest, including all the various porn sites out there. But none of them even makes San Francisco Chronicle/ columnist Mark Morford's radar. Instead he uses an entirely different set of criteria. Would you believe that by his standards the Christian equivalent of YouTube, GodTube, wins that award?
I don't think so, but then I guess my standards are different than his.
So why does he think so? According to the article The Internet's worst website on The Christian Examiner website he gives several reasons. He says that it was created to be used by conservative Christians to "To splinter and divide and segregate. You know, to exclude." Also to show that YouTube is the "ultimate proof of godless Internet evil."
His whole attitude would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Why? Because of what else he wrote. Other comments he made show that his whole article is a hit piece clearly aimed as an attack on orthodox Christianity. The 1st clue is his use of conservative. In this day & age the term is used as a perjorative to attack anyone who stands up for 2000 yrs of orthodox Christian teaching. I am surprized that he didn't use the word fundamentalist.
There is more. He also says that the problem with conservative Christians is that we reject the "idea that you yourself might very well be the divine creative spark that you seek — that God is, in other words, right there in the mirror." This shows that he believes that unless you buy into his "New Age" view of where you find God you are wrong & not worthy of the inclusiveness & tolerence he accuses conservative Christians of lacking. Maybe he is the 1 who needs to look into the mirror. He shows more intolerance than not.
Another problem he sees with GodTube is its slogan "Broadcast Him". He says: "See, it ain't about you or your creativity or your perspective or your sexuality or your happy self-defined sense of pop culture blasphemy." Well, he's right about this. GodTube isn't about selfish egotistical self-agrandizement or self-diefication. It is about Jesus & proclaiming the Gospel. But he doesn't like the fact that the website presents God's side of things. "They appear to wish to, quite simply, restrict understanding. Limit knowledge. Prevent exploration."
The truth is just the opposite. In so many ways.
1st of all, if this group was so intent on divisiveness, why does it have a specific channel for Catholics? & the videos are about what the Church really teaches, by Catholics like Bob & Penny Lord. That fact alone blows most of what he claims out of the water. & the Catholic channel is only 1 of the many channels for various Christian denominations.
As for the comment on it being the anti-YouTube, it isn't exactly true. Yes, YouTube, & the internet in general, do have a lot of trash (to put it nicely) on it that I & other Christians find disgusting. But, there are many Christians who post videos on YouTube to bring about the very understanding, knowledge & exploration of Christianity he claims we are afraid of. I think what it is he that is afraid is the truth being fairly presented, without digging through the garbage found on YouTube.
What Morford fails to understand is that Christians view the technology that allows for the internet & things like YouTube is neither good nor evil. It is a tool. How it is used determines the good or evil.
Another thing he implies in his attacks is that everyone who posts a video on GodTube shares the same identical theological viewpoint. Again, just a quick survey of the various channels belies that fact. There are groups on there with which I know I would have serious disagreements with about certain things. Instead of "preventing exploration" it seems like GodTube is doing the opposite, encouraging it. But it is clearly not the type of exploring Morford wants. so he attacks it by twisting things arround & misrepresenting what GodTube is about.
Like other website, discernment doesn need to be used. But, unlike a lot of other websites, you don't have to worry about the trash.
I am sure that there will be some people who will attack Mr. Morford & give him the proof that he is right. The problem is, they will be the exception that proves the rule. The great majority of those who become aware of his comments will either say a prayer for his conversion or take it on as a long range commitment to pray for him. Why? This part of GodTube's statement of faith can answer that: Love is the greatest virtue and demonstration of the reality of Christ Jesus. We endeavor to show a Christ-like love to all men. Love should be exhibited in our lives by our words as well as our actions.(John 13:34-35, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Philippians 2:3-5)
Another effect his article will have is to draw attention to the site & bring more people to it. Some will be Christians looking for the type of content GodTube offers. For others, it will be to find what they have been looking for (for some, even if they don't know it at the time), the answers that can only be found in Jesus Christ. There will be those who come to laugh & attack. But, again they may find out that the Holy Spirit has other plans & that their lives are changed. They will be converted & turn to Christ.
I don't know Mr. Morford. I have no idea where he is coming from (besides San Francisco which may give a few clues, or not). But I agree with what Kelly Boggs, The Christian Examiner article author, said about him: "Any objective reading of Morford's column about GodTube will lead to the conclusion that he has an angry ax to grind with Christianity — conservative Christianity. Why? That is something only he knows for certain."
She goes on to say: "I suspect the real reason that Morford is frothing over GodTube is its success. According to the site's founder, a half a million unique visitors are attracted to the website each month and that number is growing. If GodTube was just an obscure website, Morford would not give it the time of day.
I think the fact that people are finding GodTube, and might be influenced by it, is what really bothers Morford. So you tell me, who really wants to restrict understanding -– GodTube or Morford?
"The mouth speaks out that which fills the heart," Jesus taught. In the case of Morford and his ilk, that which is spoken — or written — reveals an absolute disdain for the beliefs of conservative Christians. It appears that "liberal tolerance" is an oxymoron."
SAD, but very much TRUE!


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