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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cardinal Dolan Schools CBS' Charlie Rose On Women's Role in Catholic Church

It shouldn't be surprizing that the Main Stream Media has quickly begun its attacks on Papa Francesco. Or that they are continuing to push their agenda to undermine Catholic Church doctrine, especially that on women not being allowed to be ordained.  The failure to allow that to happen is often painted by those inside as well as outside the Church as treating women as 2nd class members. A claim that rarely goes challenged because they usually don't allow a response to the claim.
 But when Timothy Cardinal Dolan was challenged on this point in an interview filmed last night by CBS'  Charlie Rose, he was quick to point out the real status of women in the Catholic Church.

Here is the text of that conversation:

ROSE: You do not expect to see, as you didn't with Pope Benedict or Pope John Paul II, doctrinal changes-

DOLAN: No, never-

ROSE: On ordination of women, on celibacy, on divorce.

DOLAN: Doctrine can't change. So, to use the word (sic) doctrinal changes, for a Catholic, is almost an oxymoron. There are things that a Pope can change that would not be doctrine, but more matters of Church discipline. Priestly celibacy is not a doctrine of the Church. It's a discipline in the Church. Do I expect him to change it? No. Could he change it? Yes – possible, yes; probable, no. But there's that distinction. Ordination of women – that's a doctrinal thing. That's not discipline. John Paul II-

ROSE: But how do you respond to the fact that this really is the century of women, and this is a Church that needs to have women as part of its-

DOLAN: Sure. Well, I'll tell you this: when we walked into the Sistine Chapel, we were saying the Litany of the Saints, all right? Now, the highest you can be called to, in the Catholic Church, is to be a saint, and of the saints that we prayed, more than half were women, so (laughs). The woman who – who is the greatest human being model for – the person who's the greatest human being model for us happens to be a woman [the Virgin Mary]. That's where the Church is at her best. That's where – that's where the Church has also been known for lifting women up, ennobling them.

Yup, the Catholic Church actually ennobles women, not treats them as 2nd class. A fact that the Church's enemies inside or outside of the Catholic Church ignores. Despite what Cardinal Dolan said, I am willing to bet that the media will continue to ignore the truth & carry on its anti-Catholic Church campaign.


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