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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pope Has an App for That - But Is It Infallible

This app provides Actually there are several out there.
The 1st is not technically a Papal app. But it will let you let you catch up on the latest news about Papa Benedetto. I am referring to the Radio Vaticana app. 

There are versions for both iOS & Android. I have Android. With it you can get  5 Vatican Radio stations. You also can get the Pope's agenda & there is a news feed as well. From what I can see, the iOS is similar.
Next up we have an app that just came out yesterday. Like the previous one, this one was put out by the Vatican. It is called, appropriately enough, The Pope App.

It provides a live streaming feed of Papal events. It will have feeds from the 6 Vatican webcams. It will also send out News alerts & links to top stories. It will also have images of the pope as well as quotes from him.
The app went live yesterday on the eve of the release of the Pope's message for  the 2013 World Communication Day. It talks about evangelizing in the digital arena. At this time it is only available in Version 1.0 for iOS. The Android version should be out in late February. & as time goes on there will be updates expanding what the app does.
Finally, there is the Porta Fidei app. This app is a resource for the Year of Faith that we are in.

This app is not sponsored by the Vatican. It is run by Aleteia. They are not run by the Vatican. But they are a "project of the Foundation for Evangelization of through the Media (FEM), developed under the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization."  They provide a wide variety of items. Among them are a daily medition from the writings or talks by the Pope. In addition it has the weekly address from the Wednesday audience going back to the start of the Year of Faith, as well as documents teachings by both Papa Benedetto & Pope John Paul II. That is only a small part of what is available. All the texts are supplied by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana. It is available for Android & iOS.
Add to this the Pope's Twitter account & the Vatican website.
It is clear that Papa Benedetto is very much aware of what is big in our culture these days. Especially for the younger adults & teens. So he is doing what he needs to to go where they are so they can be evangelized. For those of us who are more mature yet savvy enough to use modern tech, this gives us a wider variety of authentic sources of the Catholic Church's teachings.
Additionally there are several good apps for the Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, Divine Mercy, Catholic prayers & Catholic versions of the Bible.
We must remember that technology is a tool, not an end in itself. It can be a great aide in the growth of your prayer life, as long as we use it, not it use us.

PS: In answer to the question I asked in the title, are they infallible? When they come to matters of faith & doctrine, yes. They present authentic Catholic teaching


  • At 24/1/13 9:18 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    I have the Radio Vaticana app, but did not know about "The Pope App"... just downloaded it. Thanks for the notification.


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