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Monday, November 19, 2012

Dissident Nuns Awarded Prize by Group Founded by Dissident Priest to Undemine Authentic Catholicism

The Leadership Council of Women Religious was awarded the Herbert Haag Prize for 2013 for Freedom in the Church. The fact that these heritical habitless hussies have won it should come to no surprize to anyone who knows who Herbert Haag was & why he established the foundation he did to award this prize.
Herbert Haag (l) w/ Hans Kung
Fr. Herbert Haag (d 2001) was a Swiss liberal Roman Catholic theologian.  He was born in Singen, Germany. In 1940, he was ordained as a priest for the diocese of Basel. From 1948 until his retirement in 1980 he taught theology at universities in Lucerne and then in Tübingen, Germany.
He taught that ''apostolic succession'' was an untenable concept. Additionally, he held the position that ordained priests were not needed to celebrate the Eucharist. In 1981 he was the co-author of an open letter in Swiss newspapers. In it, he contended that a wrong had been done to another Swiss Catholic theologian, Hans Küng, who had challenged church doctrines.
In response to what he taught, the Swiss Bishops Conference issued a declaration officially withdrawing its confidence in him. Kurt Koch, the bishop of Basel, Switzerland, the diocese he was incardinated in, called his views ''self-centered and destructive.''
In 198, he established a foundation to foster his idea of openness in the church. Thus foundation has given awards to organizations opposing vows of celibacy & the exclusion of women from the priesthood.
Like I said, that the LCWR is the latest recipient of this prize should come as no surprize.
The Haag Foundation said that the 2013 prize was awarded to the LCWR in recognition of its extensive efforts in helping the poor, the marginalised & people in difficult circumstances. Additionally, it was done in recognition and of “their careful reflection of the signs of the times in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council,” making the nuns “a pillar of the Catholic Church in the United States of America.”
It went on to say in its announcement of the award that “the accusations of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are without any substantial foundation and are the result of an unsatisfactory investigation process that lacks transparency.” Also “the intervention of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  (CDF) is looked upon as a scandal by many Catholics, especially in the United States.”
& that is only a part of the false & misleading claims made by the Haag Foundation. They tell those lies to make it sound like the LCWR are heroines & the Catholic Church heirarcy are the bad guys. 
But what they fail to say is just as telling. 1st of all, what they mean by the "spirit of the Second Vatican Council." Their use of the term has nothing to do with the authentic "Spirit of Vatican II", the Holy Spirit. & it has everything to do with the false "spirit of  Vatican II" that Bishop Walker Nickless of Sioux City said needed to be exorcised.
As for those scandalized, what about all of us faithful Catholics who have been scndalized for years by the heretical, dissdenting behavior of the LCWR? That is the real scnadal. Those who are upsect by the CDF actions are the very ones who support the what the LCWR stand for. They are unhappy that the truth is getting out & that the Catholic Church will not tolerate the false doctrines they promote any more than it tolerated past heresies like Arainism, Pelagianism or the various forms of gnosticism.
As for  the "lack of transparency" on the part of the CDF claim, what a joke. They know full well that the LCWR did everything it could to hide what the truth from those sent to investigate. If those LCWR gang had nothing to hide, then why the lack of cooperation? You would think the LCWR would want the truth out in the open. Unless what they were promoting was wrong & contrary to authentic Catholic teaching.
Also, I wouldn't call the LCWR a pillar, rather I would call them a quagmire of heresy & dissent leading people to put there souls at risk of eternal damnation who get caught up in what they are doing & teaching.
The Haag Foundation & the LCWR don't want freedom, they want license to promote their heresies without contradiction. Well, the Catholic Church is not founded on that. It was founded on the truth revealed to the Apostles by Jesus & given the charge to defend it against all those who would say otherwise. & no matter what these dissidents may say to the contrary, the Catholic Church never will change to suit them. The Church will maintain faithfulness to the truth against all attacks until Christ returns.



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