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Friday, October 26, 2012

This is A Post I Have Resisted Doing for a Long Time


But after the latest campaign ad for Obama where a woman says voting for Obama is like having sex for the 1st time, I have to finally speak up.
The Obama administration, as well as the abortion industry is saying that all women are is a bunch of dumb

(I'll let you fill in the slang word here)
& that the reason they need to make contraceptions freely available for them is that all each woman is is what the Italianos call "una fica pronta" i.e "a ready
(again I'll let you fill in the slang word here)
who will have sex at the drop of a hat with any man who wants it.

In short, despite all the uproar to the contrary, the Democrats are saying all women are just a bunch of what Rush Limbaugh described Sandra Fluke as, "s*^ts".
In other words they are making out all women to merely be sex objects. I'm sorry, but I thought that the goal of Woman's Lib was to no longer objectify women as only being good for sex & then disposed of.  Now that is exactly how they want women to be seen as.
I'm don't buy that. Women are much more than just this one part of their body, what the Dems called in one of their Obama campaign e-cards, your lady parts. & sex is much more than the sordid thing they have made it to be. (See Blessed John Paul II"s Theology of the Body for what it really is about.) Every woman is someone made in the image & likeness of God. & because of that they deserve to be treated with dignity & respect.
It is the Democrats, aiding by the radical feminazis who have abortion as their sacrament, who are waging the war on women, NOT the Republicans. 
I am angry. I am sick & tired of how the Obama administration, the abortion industry & even the so-called feminists have betrayed women & taken away their God given dignity & self-respect, replacing it was an image that is demeaning & disgusting instead.
As I said at the start, I have struggled with writing this for months. In part because of the language (stated & implied) I would have to use to describe how the Dems see women. But I can no longer be silent. What I said above is exactly what the Dems see women as, it is wrond, it is disgusting. & they need to be called out on it. Women need to realize, as I said, they are the ones waging war, taking away from who women really are. Women need to say "BASTA!" (enough) & tell the Dems, Obama, these radical feminist & the abortion industry that they won't allow them top get away with it any more.

Photo sources: Code Pink’s Pro-Abortion Dancing Vaginas Disgust Republicans
NARAL Sending Vagina-Costumed Activist to Presidential Debate


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