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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Latest On How the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Is Not Cleaning Up It's Act

Over the past 3 years, Reform CCHD Now! (RCN) has been looking into how the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has been distributing the money it receives to see how much goes to  organizations that promote abortion, birth control, homosexuality & even Marxism. The results have been anything but encouraging. Despite repeated claims by CCHD representatives that CCHD does not fund such groups, as well as supposed increased oversight by the USCCB, RCN has witnessed a rising trend in granting money to organizations that support abortion, birth control, homosexuality, &/or Marxism either directly or through coalitions. 
RCN has just published its latest grants report. They found that $2.9 million Catholic dollars went to organizations promoting abortion, homosexuality, birth control & even Marxism, either directly or through coalitions. 

Addtionally "RCN found that $2.8 million of the total $7.6 million (38%) in CCHD grants went to organizations undermining the Church's efforts to protect human life and dignity."

The full report, as well as the previous ones, can be found at the Reform CCHD Now! website by clicking on the links at the top of the page.
According to RCN "The full findings were not to be made public prior to review with bishops and National CCHD staff. Unfortunately, the executive director of National CCHD canceled the scheduled meeting with the explanation that, “We see no reason to meet at this time.” We sent the full report to every diocesan bishop and are now making the report available to the public."
I can't say I am surprized that they didn't want to meet as they knew that they couldn't defend themselves. So rather than meet, they literally ran & hid.
FYI: Most dioceses that take the CCHD collection only retain 25% of the collection money for local use. The other 75% is sent to national CCHD, who then redistributes that collected money to organizations like those listed for the individual dioceses in the report.
Some dioceses no longer collect for the CCHD. Others, like the Archdiocese of Dubuque, have a Fall 3-in-1 campaign that includes them. That letter is sent out & the collection taken up in September. Even though you can designate where it goes, that money that isn't will be used to make up the shortfall for the goal of each collection.
This ongoing willingness on both the diocesan & national level of the CCHD thumbing its nose at Catholic teachings cannot be allowed to continue. It is clear that something drastic must be done. & it must be done by the Bishops, individually as well as collectively to clean up the mess at the CCHD. The only answer I can see is to shut it down completely & start from scratch. But it will have to be much more than cosmetic changes, the new progam will have to have huge safeguards built in to ensure something like this never happens in the future. That means that those working for the new organization on every level must be people who fully support what the Catholic Church teaches in word as well as action. It means that groups must be carefully vetted. This also includes doing the same for Catholic Relief Services as well.

Mille grazie to Reform CCHD Now! for all the work they are doing to get the truth out there.



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