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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Vitriol Seems to Be Coming From the Pro-Aborts, Not Pro-lifers

It never ceases to amaze me how those who support abortion try & claim that they are the loving peaceful side of the debate when they do the very actions that they accuse us of doing that we don't.
A prime example of this is the experience that David Bereit had during a recent 40 Days for Life speaking tour all across Australia. During that trip with his family he spoke to over 1,200 people at 35 events and meetings over 13 days in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney.
On the final Saturday evening of our trip, he spoke at a banquet in Sydney for New South Wales Right to Life. It was during that event that an incident occurred. Here is how he described it:
"Right after I was introduced, two young women jumped up from a table in the back of the room. They began yelling “this is for the women,” and one of them threw a pink sparkly ballet shoe at me (fortunately, it missed).
That was the cue for another ten people to burst into the room, chanting abortion slogans. They ran around the room throwing glitter on banquet attendees while distributing brochures depicting Mary and baby Jesus along with “prayers” demanding that abortion be affordable and accessible, and that pro-lifers would “keep their vitriolic nonsense to themselves.”
Then they ran to the front of the room and locked arms around the podium, intent on shutting down the event. One young lady was yelling into what looked like a toy megaphone, which thankfully failed to work.
While I was a bit surprised by the sudden barrage, I was saddened more than anything else. As I looked at the anger and hatred in the eyes of these young people, I realized that some of them had probably experienced the pain of abortion in their own lives.
It was at that point that I asked the audience to bow their heads and join me in praying the Lord’s Prayer.
Here’s the photo of that moment:
Then we prayed for all women and men who have been harmed by abortion, that they would find healing … and that they would experience love and compassion from pro-lifers, without judgment or condemnation.
After about ten minutes, security guards were able to remove the abortion advocates from the room, and the event continued on — with the audience more motivated than ever before.
If that wasn’t enough excitement, on Monday morning I spoke to 60 college students from the University of Notre Dame (Australia) and the University of Sydney at a breakfast. Desperately trying to disrupt us once again, abortion advocates organized an even bigger protest outside with 30-35 people. We simply moved our event half a block away to avoid confrontation, and they never figured out that they were protesting an empty room.
Sydney’s largest newspaper covered the twin protests, and we learned that one of the most prominent feminists in Australia was among those protesting on Monday morning! "
It never ceases to amaze me how abortion supporters project their own actions onto us while denying that they are even doing them, despite documentary evidence to the contrary.
It also saddens me to see how they mock our faith like they did using pictures of Jesus & Mary as well as prayers for abortion to be affordable & accessible. The latter reminds me of the story that Archbishop Sheen shared about a plane trip he took. It was Lent & he told the attendant he was skipping lunch to fast. The woman next to her said she was fasting as well. When he inquired "Are you also Catholic?" she answered, "No, I'm a witch, and I'm fasting for abortion."
These incidents point out all the more to us of the importance of prayer & fasting to end abortion. Those on the pro-abortion side are praying to Satan. But he can only win in so far as we let him. Our responsibility is to pray & fast so those strongholds will be broken. If we don't do as God has commanded, then those strongholds continue to stand.
Dave Bereit shows us the response we are to have when confronted with those who confront us angrily, with love & prayer. I too have seen the anger & hatred in the eyes of abortion supporters. He is right to say that for some, it is a result of the pain they have experienced because of an abortion in their lives, men & women.
These people need to know the love & mercy that Jesus offers them so they can be set free.
40 Days for Life is 1 of those ways in which God does so. As I mentioned in a recent post, we will be be having our 1st 40 Days for Life campaign in DBQ next week. I am excited because I know that it is a powerful tool that God has given us to build a "Culture of Life" & defeat the "culture of death".
If 40 Days for Life wasn't successful you wouldn't see incidents like this attempting to disrupt these events. These disruptions are more than just an attempt to protest what we stand for, they are an attempt to stop us from doing what we do that has been so successful.
Again, I ask all your prayers for the success of our campaign, beginning with the kick-off event tommorrow night. This is the largest 40 Days campaign ever. & I suspect that we will see God's hand move mightily, not only here in DBQ but accross the world as we answer the call to do our part in putting an end to abortion.



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