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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Thoughts On Tebow Heading (Maybe) To My Beloved Jets

As a Jets fan, I find the possibility of Tim Tebow becoming their quarterback fascinating. He is 180 degrees different from "Broadway" Joe Namath who, IMHO was their last great QB. (Although they have had a few good ones since. & 1 huge mistake in Brett Favre, an opinion I share about my other team, the Vikings taking Favre as well.)
1st of all, I think the Broncos & Elway are going to regret this move. If things follow true to form, they are overpaying for what will likely turn out to be an underperformer. Over the years that has often turned out to be what happens. The player doesn't live up to expectations. & with Manning being out all last season with his neck injury, that makes the odds even greater things won't work out, despite Elway's comments to the contrary. & I have yet to read  & let's remember, the Colts didn't think that he was worth the bonus they would have had to pay him should he play this year.
It is also known that Elway didn't exactly like Tebow. In part, I think it was ego on Elway's part. Tebow was stealing a lot of his past glory. & from what it sounds like, he is willing to throw the Denver fans under the bus to get rid of Tebow as well as attempt to make some big bucks with Manning. (Peyton Manning and John Elway are Pure Evil)
Like I said at the start, I find this possibility fascinating. He is the total opposite of Namath when it comes to living his faith. Namath was raised a Catholic, but early on turned his back to live the wild life he chose. (Note: I am praying for his conversion & return to the Catholic Church.) Tebow has lived his faith, which has angered some for him bringing it into the public square. But I say, get over it. 
Then there is the whole controversy of his pro-life stand with those who support abortion. He is proof that abortion is needed to save the life of the mother is a myth. Tebow is going to New York which is the abortion capital of the USA. That is a plus for pro-lifers & just his presence will help fight the pro-abort gang who have the mayor & city council in their corrupt back pocket.
Additionally, I see him helping Sanchez & the Jets win this Fall. &, God willing, they will give the Patriots 2 huge drubbings as well. I say this primarily as a Jets fan who knows how hard it is for the Jests to ever beat the Patriots. Then, add to that the fact that it was the Patriots who knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs (1 of the few times I wanted the Broncos to win), their losing to the Jets this year would be doubly delicious.
As I type this I am aware that there are some snags popping up  due to Tebow's current contract with the Broncos. I have no idea what that recapture language means. I just hope they work it out. & if they do, then I am very happy to welcome Tebow to the Jets & hope that the long Super Bowl drought will be over. (Now if only the Vikings could win a Super Bowl.)


  • At 23/3/12 11:50 AM , Blogger Badger Catholic said...

    I hope he gets a chance to start and is not just some special formation backup. His faith aside, I like the fact he is unconventional and that the brilliant minds of the NFL are convinced he can't fit yet he was able to prove them wrong last year.


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