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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making Baby Jesus Cry in 2011

Last year I decided to do a year end post about things that made Baby Jesus Cry in 2010. Well, There was plenty in 2011 to ensure that Baby Jesus shed more than a few tears as well. & some of them involved the same people as those in 2010.

1. Once again Nancy Pelosi did her best to keep Jesus in tears. While continuing to claim she was a devoit Catholic, she attacked the USCCB for daring to speak up about their concerns with ObamaCare & how it would force Catholic doctors & hospitals to provide birth control, abortifacient drugs, & abortions, even though providing birth control and performing abortions runs counter to Roman Catholic teaching. She dismissed their concerns as lobbying. Then there was her statement where she said  "I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing’’ that she insists put women at physical risk" & went on to say that risk was to let women die on the floor rather than give them health care after a botched abortion.  Then there was the blasphemous statement where she claimed embryonic stem cells "really have the biblical power to cure in a very, very special way."
2. Speaking of politicians who claim to be Catholic, our next stop is Illinois. In particular the governor, Pat Quinn. In January he signed a bill legalizing same-sex unions & requiring Catholic (and other religious) adoption & foster care agencies to place kids with same-sex couples or to beguilty of “discrimination” if they refuse. The result was the basic shutting down of Catholic Charities foster care & adoption agencies in Illinois. Then in November he came under fire from the Illinois Bishops for agreeing to  present an award at a November 17th lunch held by Personal PAC, a group dedicated to supporting pro-abortion candidates for political office. His response to the Bishops was that he was going to go ahead & do it (which he did. He claimed doing it was “the proper Christian thing to do.” In short he was defying the Bishops in their upholding of authentic Catholic teaching
3. & while we are speaking about Catholics who are doing their best to undermine the Catholic Church & its teachings, let us not forget HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius.  She continued her long record of doing what the abortion industry wants that goes back to her time as governor of Kansas. The fact that under her administration vital evidence that was needed for a prosecution of Planned Parenthood for covering up child sex abuse was shredded enabled Planned Parenthood to have some charges dropped earlier this year. But not one to sit on her corrupt laurels, she also announced new regs in August that would force almost every Catholic institution to provide insurance coverage of contraceptives, which include abortion-inducing drugs such as Plan B & Ella, as well as elective sterilizations.
4. Which leads us to the Catholic Health Association lead by Sr. Carol Keehan. They recently came out with a statement calling for a so-called compromise in the insurance mandate that was anything but a compromise. They recomended applying  Section 414(e) of the IRS Code as the standard. The trouble is, that standard still forces almost every Catholic college or university to pay for contraceptives etc.  This follows a statement in September lauding ObamaCare. & in February while claiming to support Bishop Olmsted's right to declare a hospital in Phoenix no longer Catholic for allowing an abortion, she basicly said he was wrong to do so. & even though the hospital can no longer call itself Catholic it was allowed to remain a memeber of the CHA.
5. Then there was the aiding & abetting of the CHA by Notre Dame in their call to apply Section 414(e).  
6. & let us not forget a huge part of the reason why Nancy Pelosi continues her claims to be a devout Catholic, her bishop. Archbishop Niederauer has not only been mostly silent when it comes to her actions, he was recently thanked by the Rainbow Sash Movement for  for tolerating a San Francisco church’s activism for their cause. For those unfamiliar with the group, they work to undermine Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Their thanks to Niederauer was for allowing Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church to promote an agenda contrary to Catholic teaching.
7: & Lest I forget, there was Jon O'Brien, president of ---- for Choice*. In November he appeared on the Laura Ingraham show. Despite Laura's attempts to get a straight answer he refused to answer her questions about unborn children. He also misrepresented Catholic teaching on Family Planning by equating all family planning with artificial birth control. he also did his best to undermine the magesterial teaching office of the Pope & Bishops by making it sound like he new more about what the Church actually taght than they did.
I could go on, but many of them would be repeats from last year's list that have continued into 2011.  So rather than repeat them just follow the link to read the list from last year.
I am not trying to be self-righteous with this list. Remember that whenever any of us sin we also make Baby Jesus unhappy & sometimes cry. & whenever Baby Jesus cries it makes the Blessed Virgin Mary & St. Joseph unhappy & cry as well.
But most of us are not causing public scandal & leading others into sin in the same way these people are. Their actions need to be pointed out for what they are in order to call people to turn away from where they are heading & to listen to & obey what Jesus is telling us through the Pope & the Magesterium of the Catholic Church. Doing so will help to dry some of those tears shed.

*Catholics should be the 1st word, but I refuse to use it since they are anything but Catholic.

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