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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Media Bias At Its Worst, As Pointed Out By Laura Ingraham

Last Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011, Laura Ingraham was the guest speaker at the Vitae Foundation’s 16th Annual Pro-Life Benefit Dinner in Kansas City. As a part of her speech she pointed out the difference in how the media is covering the “Occupying Wall Street” protesters & the latest 40 Days for Life campaign. Or should I say how it is all over the prtoestors story & totally ignoring the 40 Days campaign. Of course that should be no surprize to anyone who knows the anti-life, pro-abortion bias of the media. After all why should they cover a story about an organization that has, as of this morning saved 205 babies from being aborted since it would undermine their agenda?
At the time she gave her speech last Tuesday the count stood at 122 babies. Talking about those stories behind each child she said “These are amazing stories of lives being changed! People are going into a clinic for one thing and leaving with minds being changed, maybe being handed a pamphlet or thinking about the Vitae billboard they saw earlier in the day about other choices. They go into the clinics, and they make a different choice. And then they go on and say, ‘My goodness, I have a life here. This is my DNA, this is my child!’ These are the stories that the dinosaur media will not cover.”
She went on to explain why the media won’t touch these types of stories. “They won’t cover them for a reason. Because the more people hear of these stories and the more these stories get out, the polls start to change. The polls start to move in a pro-life direction.” & as I pointed out, that undermines the MSM agenda to promote abortion.
Laura Ingraham also praised Vitae for the work it does using mass media campaigns to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies & to create more powerful stories of lives saved. “The work of Vitae nation-wide, using the media to get an alternative message out to young women and young men who are bombarded with only one message—Vitae’s work is more essential now than it’s ever been.”
The Vitae Foundation is begining its 20th year. Vitae is a non-profit, educational organization that focuses on using research-based messaging to educate the public about the value & sanctity of human life. They work at restoring this value as a core belief in the American culture. & naturally they work at reducing the number of abortions. Vitae subscribes to the belief that our Founding Fathers held: “That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (See my recent posts on Herman Cain & Ron Paul that talk about their having this same viewpoint.)
Vitae gets their message out through billboards as well as TV ads. 1 of their projects,Vitae’s Only You TV commercial (below), will air locally on 7 cable networks on the most watched programs of Vitae’s target audience, such as the popular MTV shows “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” (For those who aren't aware of it, most cable companies sell local comercial time on many of the most popular cable networks that preempts the national ad.) Talking about this to the people at the dinner, Vitae Vice President Anne Carmichael explained why they were doing so. “We bought ads in strategic cable zones to round out this year’s campaign. We’re targeting key neighborhoods to reach pregnant women in need before the abortion industry does.” The commercial as well as the current billboard campaign will direct women to The Women’s Clinic of Kansas City, with locations in Independence & Grandview.
The Main Stream Media will continue to ignore the truth about abortion & give very little coverage to the positives of the Pro-life movement. These days, however, they are not the only game in town. People are also becoming more & more aware of how the MSM is biased & not accurately reporting the news. As a result they are looking elsewhere for the accurate information. There are plenty of oportunities in the mass media for them to find it. Vitae is 1 of those stepping up to provide the accurate information.

Here is their Only You Ad:

You can go to Vitae's YouTube page for more videos.

Source: Laura Ingraham: Media Prefers Occupy Wall Street to Pro-Lifers


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