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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bringing Out the Heavy Artillery to Battle Demonic Abortion

I have posted many times about the Rockford Abortion Mill & how it is visible evidence of the demonic source at the root of abortion. I have also posted time & time again how our battle against abortion must be rooted in prayer. Last year I shared a video of several priests of the Rockford Diocese praying the Catholic Church's exorcism prayers for a building along with the story of what happenned that day.

Well last Friday a group of 7 priests from the Rockford Diocese showed up to once again battle the demonic forces behind the Rockford Abortion Mill. As you will see, the victory God brought about through His priests was even greater.

Prayer (along with fasting) is our most important & powerful weapon in our arsenal to battle abortion. While God works powerfully through all our prayers, there is a special annointing on the official prayers of the Catholic Church that are prayed by priests who were ordained to be shepherds guiding & protecting the flock given to them by God. Additionally, the Poor Clares from the Corpus Christi Monastery in Rockford have a special calling to intercede. The prayers of these priests & nuns is indeed the heavy artillery. Working & praying together with those who regular gather outside the Rockford Abortion Mill, you can be sure that a mighty spiritual battle was won on Friday. We may not know the extent of that victory this side of eternity. But we can be sure it was a victory. I am aslo sure that part of that victory is that 1 day the abortion mill will be permanently closed down.

(Note: 1 of the priests that participated was Fr. James Parker, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church & Nativity BVM Catholic Church in E DBQ. Tommorrow @ 11 am CDT members of the parish will be gathering with Fr. Parker & Fr. Michael Barry [parochial vicar] to pray in front of the DBQ Planned Parenthood for an end of the "culture of death".)

Rockford, IL – ( – On 7-15-2011 – by James - Last year seven Catholic Priests gathered around the Rockford abortion mill and prayed prayers of exorcism. On that day two mothers choose life; the number of abortions fell by two thirds, and the abortion mill landlord was so unsettled that he stayed outside his abortion mill while the Priests were praying. This year the powers that be inside the mill were taking no chances. Instead of trying to remain open in the face of such spiritual power, they found it easier to close their doors for the day.
Thanks be to God; because of these seven Priests, the Poor Clare Nuns who in the Corpus Christi Monastery in Rockford were uniting their prayers with the Priests, and every Christian who prayed this morning, not one child was killed in Rockford today.
A small group of abortion supporters showed up, thinking the mill would be open. When they saw seven Priests and over forty pro-lifers deep in prayer and the abortion mill closed, the pro-aborts appeared even more dazed and confused than usual.
The abortion mill landlord Wayne Webster, who seems to have a pathological hatred for Catholic Priests and has a history of skulking away from the abortion mill grounds when Priests are praying prayers of exorcism outside his killing center, was nowhere to be seen. In his absence he did leave some quite vulgar signs in his abortion mill windows attacking Priests.
On this day in Rockford, the presence of Christ through His Priests and His people could be tangibly felt and experienced outside the building where over 60,000 human beings have been murdered.
On this day in Rockford, Satan fled; Christians stood united in faith and love, and no children had to face a brutal, vicious death inside the Rockford abortion mill.
Those inside the Rockford abortion mill, who have used demonic symbols such as devils masks in its windows, rubber chickens on crucifixes, and signs mocking God and celebrating the deaths of children by abortion, folded under the spiritual power of these men of God.

Please follow the link above to go to the page on the Pro-Life Corner website & use the comment box below to leave a message for the Priests, Pastors, and clergy of Rockford thanking them for leading us in prayer at Rockford's abortion mill



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