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Monday, June 06, 2011

Didn't They Condemn Mengele for Doing What Kervorkian Did

It has been interesting to watch the way that Kervorkian has been glorified by the main stream media as a hero since his death a few days ago. Now, I am not judging where he will spend eternity. We have no idea what happenned during those last few minutes. he may have repented. We don't know.

But that doesn't change the facts about what his lifetime track record was. It goes way beyond simply being a huge promoter of the evil of assisted suicide. & it isn't anything to emulate. In fact, when I read some of what he did & tried to do, what Mengele & his buddies in the NAZI death camps did comes to mind.

As 1 obit pointed out "Kevorkian’s medical career was unconventional from the start. As an intern in the mid-1950s, he began photographing the eyes of patients at the moment of death, a practice that led his hospital colleagues to give him his nickname. Later he gained notoriety for advocating unorthodox medical practices such as live operations on death-row prisoners and blood transfusions from corpses to living patients." (emphasis mine)

Did you get that? If it still isn't clear what he wanted to so, then this should make it perfectly clear: "His next crusade was to persuade government officials to allow vivisection — live operations — of death-row prisoners. His plan was to anesthetize the inmates, and then cut them open for testing, transplants and organ harvesting before killing them with a lethal injection." (emphasis mine) If that doesn't send a chill up your spine as well as a sense of de ja vu then you better follow the link to Mengele & see exactly how similar they are.

He tried to justify it by saying the prisoners would allow it voluntarily as an alternative form of execution. In 1959, Kevorkian wrote this in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Political Science: "Capital punishment as it exists today offers a golden opportunity to break…limits [on human experimentation] by introducing into the situation an involuntary factor without destroying the necessary safeguard of consent. I propose that a prisoner condemned to death by due process of law be allowed to submit, by his own free choice, to medical experimentation under complete anesthesia (at the time appointed for administering the penalty) as a form of execution in lieu of conventional methods."

In 1984 he was still pushing for it. In an article he wrote he talked about prisoners donating organs. I will admit that I have no problem with a death row prisoner who, of his own volition, wants to freely donate his organs being allowed to do so. However, Kervorkian's approach would be more that off putting pressure on them that comes accross more as coersion.

He knew that what he wanted to do wasn't so much voluntary cooperation by the prisoners, but actions that were identical to Mengele's & banned by the Nuremburg Code. In 1985 in the Journal of the National Medical Association he wrote: "Postwar analysis of Nazi experimentation on human beings seems to have been so excruciating that it blinded the civilized world to a very important point in the formulation of the Nuremberg Code. Nowhere in the code is there any reference to experimentation (under anesthesia) on those who chose and desire it as an act of atonement when condemned to death by due process of peacetime jurisprudence…In the United States where death rows are once again becoming over populated, all condemned persons should be allowed to choose to submit to experimentation, or to organ donation, under strictly controlled anesthesia before ultimate death by lethal thiopental injection."

Writing an article in a 1986 edition of Medicine and Law, Kevorkian went even farther, making it clear, as you will see, that voluntary was simply a cover he used to give him the freedom to experiment on whoever he wanted. (Caution: some of what you are about to read will turn your stomach, it did mine.) "The so-called Nuremberg Code and all its derivatives completely ignore the extraordinary opportunities for terminal experimentation on humans facing imminent and inevitable death…[including] the extraction of medical benefit from the process of judicial execution from those dying of irremediable illness or trauma and from suicide mandated by inflexible religious or philosophical principles or by irrevocable personal choice. Other potential subjects include comatose, brain dead, or totally incapacitated individuals as well as live fetuses in or out of the womb." (emphasis mine) So much for voluntary. His comment putting down personal choice as well as the list of others he wants to experiment on makes it clear that he was looking to do exactly what Mengele did, on whoever he wanted, regardless of their own wishes. The last bit about live fetuses is especially sick & twisted.

As I said earlier, I have no problem with someone who truly wants to donate to be allowed to. However, I can also understand why the rules are there that don't allow it. They are there as a protection from getting onto the slippery slope Kervorkian wanted to take us down.

Kervorkian even came up with a term for what he wanted to do "Obitiatry". In his 1993 book Prescription Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death (Talk about a title that could be straight out of MiniTrue Orwell's 1984!!!) we find his definition (pg 214) "I feel it is only decent and fair to explain my ultimate aim….It is not simply to help suffering and doomed persons kill themselves—that is merely the first step, an early distasteful professional obligation (now called medicide) that nobody in his or her right mind could savor. [W]hat I find most satisfying is the prospect of making possible the performance of invaluable experiments or other beneficial medical acts under conditions that this first unpleasant step can help establish—in a word obitiatry." (emphasis mine) By now it should be absolutely clear that Kervorkian was anything but a hero seeking to help those suffering to ease their pain. He was a sick & twisted monster who only cared about what he could get out of using others for his own sick & sordid experiments.

& what type of experiments? Well here is what he wrote about that in the book: "If we are ever to penetrate the mystery of death—even superficially—it will have to be through obitiatry. Research using cultured cells and tissues and live animals may yield objective biological data, and eventually perhaps even some clues about the essence of mere vitality or existence. But knowledge about the essence of human death will of necessity require insight into the nature of the unique awareness of or consciousness that characterizes cognitive human life. That is possible only through obitiatric research on living human bodies, and most likely centering on the nervous system…on anesthetized subjects [to] pinpoint the exact onset of extinction of an unknown cognitive mechanism that energizes life." This almost sounds like your stereotypical evil scientist from a SciFi movie or TV show. Except in this case, the scientist is a real person, not a fictional character.

But for those who still may have some doubts about how evil Kervorkian really was then I add the following facts: "He never limited his killing practice to people with terminal illnesses. About 70% were disabled. Five of Kevorkian’s patients were not sick upon autopsy."

"Kevorkian took the kidneys from one assisted suicide victim–a man with quadriplegia–and held a press conference offering them “first come, first served.”
"Janet Good, conspired with Kevorkian in his reign of lawlessness, even planning to help kill a patient and then, with Kevorkian, rush the cadaver into a hospital, so organs could be procured. (They never carried out the plan)."

Like so many in the "culture of death", he put higher value on animals that humans. On pg 211 of the same book where he defined obitiatry he wrote: "On reflection, however, I came to the conclusion that rather than a setback, rejection of my request actually saved me from a serious breach of what I personally consider to be correct conduct of clinical researach. That is, never do an any live animal anything aimed solely or primarily for human benefit, and for the performance of which live human subjects are available under ethically unassailable circumstances. That was the case when in the early 1960s, I carried out cadaver blood transfusions on human recipients, even for the first time." In his twisted ethics, he sees experiments on animals is bad. But following in the steps of Mengele is is morally OK since they are only humans, born or unborn, & thus he should be able to do whatever he wants to them.

I have said before that what I see going on these days reminds me of NAZI Germany. After reading these facts on Kervorkian, as well as that fact that the media is holding him & what he did up as a role model, I am more convinced than ever this country has lost it's moral compass & we are on exactlt the same road that Germany was pre WW II.

So once again I have to call us to prayer & repentance. Pray (especially the Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet) for the conversion of those who are promoting the "culture of death". Pray, do some sort of penance, like fasting, then speak out, educate others about the truth, & pray some more. We cannot just sit back & do nothing. We must act or we will have to answer to God for the inaction on our part.


  • At 6/6/11 10:29 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    K: Mother, I've just dropped in to see how you are?

    M: Fine. Now get outta here! Last time you "dropped" in on Aunt Esmeralda I had to but a funeral plot for her.

    K: A pure coincidence, mother, she died of natural causes.

    M: Yeah, well that's what I want to die from. Now get outta here before I call the police!

    In this brief dialogue, recounted by a reporter, the K is Jack Kervorkian.

    Source: F. Kennedy, "Dr. Jack at home", The Interim, October 1996, vol. xiv, no. 8, p. 9.


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