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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Another Major League Success Using Adult Stem Cells

Once again using adult stem cells for a treatment has hit a home run, while embryonic stem cells continue to strike out. For those of you who may be groaning about now, I refuse to apologize for the puns.

But seriously, once again we are shown there is absolutely no need for creating babies in a test tube so you can kill them as a source of stem cells.

The treatment is coming under some scrutiny because sometimes Dr. Purita uses Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as a part of the treatment. (Pitcher’s Treatment Draws Scrutiny) But in this case, the doctor didn't use it because the use of human growth hormone is banned by baseball. But HGH isn't illegal. It can be prescribed as a treatment in some circumstances.

While the concerns about the use of HGH in sports is valid, the real agenda by the NY Times is totally different. They are attempting to undermine the success of a treatment using adult stem cells. & the article clearly shows their biased attempt at that. The article attempts to paint Dr. Purita as no different than other doctors who have provided athletes with HGH & other unapproved drugs.

Also, the NY Times article uses a Dr. Freddie H. Fu to undermine the success of the treatment. While Sr. Fu is an export in sports medicine, he isn't exactly unbiased as this treatment could serve as an alternative to his newly developed approach to repairing one of the most common sports knee injuries: the torn anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. Dr. Fu is also connected with the Arthritis Foundation. & they have clearly shown their bias towards embryonic stem cells while downplaying adult stem cells. An article on their website lists only 3 Milestones in Stem Cell Research. 2 of them focus on embryonic stem cells. The 3rd is the Discovery of ways to reprogram specialized adult cells to assume a stem cell-like state. Absolutely nothing about adult stem cells.

You can bet that if the treatment had used embryonic stem cells the NY Times would be cheering the breakthrough. They would also say that the HGH concern should be ignored.

The reality is that we are seeing another adult stem cell success. & the "culture of death" isn't happy since they don't want cures, just the right to use embryos as a resource. So they are using their minions in the media to do the dirty work. & one of the dirtiest these days is the NY Times.

BOCA RATON, Florida, June 7, 2011 ( - Bartolo Colon’s career seemed to be going down the drains, after being one of major league baseball’s top starting pitchers. In 2005 Colon won the American League Cy Young award, but a series of shoulder and elbow injuries sidelined him until, in 2010, he didn’t play in the majors at all.
By 2009, Colon’s astonishing 97 mph fastball had slowed down considerably and every pitch he threw resulted in agonizing pain: so he went home to the Dominican Republic, defeated.
But in March of 2010, a doctor in the Dominican Republic, Leonel Liriano, contacted Dr. Joseph R. Purita, an orthopedic surgeon who runs a regenerative medicine clinic in Boca Raton. Dr. Liriano asked Purita if he would help in treating Colon.
Purita has used adult stem cell therapy to help numerous athletes with sports injuries, including athletes with the Baltimore Ravens, the Miami Dolphins, the Chicago White Sox and the Texas Rangers.
The treatments involve adult stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapy, or P.R.P., as an alternative to surgery or in combination with it.
In April 2010 Dr. Purita agreed to Dr. Liriano’s request and flew to the Dominican Republic to interview Colon.
“It was not that it was illegal to do the procedure here in the United States,” Purita said. “He was just living in the Dominican Republic. Everything was above board.”
“Colon said he wanted to get back into baseball,” Purita told the NY Times. “He could not throw the ball without horrible pain, but he felt he still had something left in the can, so to speak. I told Colon this will be a lot less painful than facing Derek Jeter. He said: ‘Derek Jeter? He has never been a problem for me. I always strike him out.’ ”
The procedure performed at the Clinica Union Medica in the city of Santiago involved extracting fat and bone marrow stem cells from Colon and injecting them back into the pitcher’s elbow and shoulder to help repair ligament damage and a torn rotator cuff.
Dr. Purita, who did not charge for his services, said the procedure took only 45 minutes to complete and positive results were evident almost immediately.
“We had him start working out within the first month,” Purita said. “Then I am hearing that he is starting to pitch, and then I hear that he is starting to tear them up in the Dominican league. But I said with a rotator cuff tear and a bad elbow, I don’t know about him getting back into the majors.”
Colon was playing for a Dominican ball team managed by former Yankee coach Tony Pena. But in January of this year, the New York Yankees signed Colon to a contract worth $900,000.
“I feel in my heart and my soul, his performance has been because of the treatment,” Dr. Liriano said. “You see that his fastball is about 95 or 96 miles per hour. It is a miracle, no?”
“This is not hocus-pocus,” Dr. Purita said in an interview back in Florida. “This is the future of sports medicine, in particular. Here it is that I got a guy back playing baseball and throwing pitches at 95 miles an hour.”



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