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Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Genocide Awareness Project

From their website: The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is a traveling photo-mural exhibit which compares the contemporary genocide of abortion to historically recognized forms of genocide. It visits university campuses around the country to show as many students as possible what abortion actually does to unborn children and get them to think about abortion in a broader historical context.

It is our policy to treat everyone who approaches the GAP display with respect. We do not yell or use amplified sound. CBR holds staff and volunteers to strict rules of engagement. We know that the images we display are not pleasant. They represent an injustice of such magnitude that words alone fail us. Until injustice is recognized, however, it cannot be eradicated. We place our images in the public square because it is the last mass-media venue available to us. For all the people who will not take the time to be educated about abortion themselves, we bring the education to them.

By placing abortion images alongside traditionally recognized forms of genocide we are expanding the context in which people think about abortion. Throughout history, we as a society have a sad legacy of dehumanizing those who get in our way or have something we want. Once a people group is dehumanized, it becomes very easy to justify their mistreatment and destruction. Such is the current plight of the unborn child.

Genocide is always built on the "choice" of those in power to systematically destroy those who are not in power. Though unborn embryos and fetuses are the most helpless and dependent members of the human race, these factors have somehow become the justification for their execution rather than their protection. Almost 4,000 times a day, we are a nation that responds to the difficult circumstances of "unwanted" pregnancy with violence rather than compassion. The most basic and fundamental human right, the right to life, has been stripped away from our unborn children to guarantee a far lesser right for their moms, the right to not be pregnant.

While CBR realizes that each form of genocide differs from the next in terms of method and motivation, there are more than enough similarities to merit our comparisons.
Here's why.

Here are 2 videos of different campuses where they put up their display. The 1st is from UC Irvine and CSU Long Beach. & while the people with GAP treat everyone with respect you will see the pro-aborts are not quite so respectful:

The 2nd is from Florida A&M:



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