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Friday, February 18, 2011

As Dave Barry Would Say: "I am not making this up".

Sometimes, you have to do a double take about some of the things you read. These quotes from pro-aborts during the recent debate on HR1 in the House.
1st there is this gem from Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in opposing the bill: “This is not about abortion, this is about saving lives.” Last I looked abortion took lives. Stopping PP will definitely save lives.

Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore argued that abortion was better for unplanned babies than a life “eating Ramen noodles” or “mayonnaise sandwiches.”
When you know the rest of the story it makes even less sense. LarryD in his post about this (link below) says: "Gwen Moore attended Marquette University, but is not Catholic. . . . Moore got pregnant while as a college student, and kept the baby, raising her while working through school - which is commendable. She did the right thing. Which makes her remark on the floor of the House even more shocking - she's basically saying she made the wrong choice."
I agree, keeping & raising the child was commendable. But, as Larry points out she basicly told her child that as far as she is concerned, having her was a wrong choice. I don'y know about the daughter, but knowing that wouldn't help me feel like I was loved.

I would also like to know how having a child that is unplanned definitely means he or she would spend the rest of his days eating Ramen noodles or mayo sandwiches. (I prefer Miracle Whip sandwiches myself. Seriously!)
Over at Creative Minority Report Gwen Moore's comment did lead Matthew Archbold to a bit of gallows humor. "So the CMR Institute for Advanced Suicidal Studies is now endorsing a plan for the government to poison all stocks of Ramen noodles so that the poor souls eating Ramen Noodles will find a merciful and quick end to their miserable existence.
CMR is calling this new form of euthanasia via noodles "THE EUTHANOODLE." (Patent pending)
The way CMR and Gwen Moore see it is we're doing them a favor because they don't even realize that their lives aren't worth living. The poor dears are so ignorant and clearly don't make enough money that we can even hand out Ramen noodles for free to people who look like Ramen noodle people, if you know what I mean. That way we can feel good about ourselves for our charity and they can feel...dead.
Hopefully CMR's endorsement of the euthanoodle will encourage others to have Ramen Noodle Parties where they'd invite the people they suspect of being miserable or living lives not worth living. Or if someone you know sometimes struggles at the end of a paycheck to feed their children, make it a EUTHANOODLE night.
Remember, they're better off dead than eating oriental pasta.
Come on America, let's EUTHANOODLE our way back to prosperity by ridding ourselves of anyone who might go hungry
." (Euthanoodle - Let's Poison Ramen Noodles)

CA Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier in response to what Chris Smith of New Jersey said: "I had a procedure at 17 weeks pregnant with a child who moved from the vagina into the cervix." OK, I'll admit that she may have been emtional, but as Jill Stanek points out in her post on it (link below): "her comment made no sense, biologically speaking."

Stanek goes on to say: "Perhaps Speier meant to say her baby moved from the cervix to the vagina, as in an incompetent cervix or premature delivery.
Then Speier said, “I lost the baby.” That phrase doesn’t mix with abortion. Did her baby die before being removed? If so, Speier did not have an abortion, as the word is commonly understood.
Finally, not being able to say the word, “abortion,” if that’s what she had, and also indicating it was something she “endured,” does not bode well for promoting it.
So, for a few reasons I’m not clear Speier actually had an abortion."

So why didn't she just admit she had 1 if she did? & if it was a miscarriage then say so since, as Jill Stanek, who is a nurse, points out, abortion is commonly understood to mean either a surgical or chemical abortion, not a miscarriage. Not being able to use the term for something you are trying to defend
As Dave Barry often points out you can't make these things up. What is scary is that thepeople who said these things think these things make sense because abortion is so important to them. For them it is the inviolable sacrament of the demonic "culture of death' to which they are votives.


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