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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planned Parenthood, Making It Easier for Minority Women to Be Lured Into Their Abortion Web

IMHO this is another example of how Planned Parenthood is operating as a business that is selling 1 product, abortions. & doing what it can to reach its target group, poor minority women. The fact that over 50% of the abortions they do involve blacks & hispanics is more evidence that they are targeting minorities. Eliminating minority children & poor children, fullfilling Margaret Sanger's evil eugenics dream in a way that would make her proud.

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington (PPMW) has found a better way to lure women and teens into its abortion facility. It is the first Planned Parenthood affiliate to join a call center operated by Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The call center schedules appointments for abortions and other Planned Parenthood fare, and has reportedly increased business while decreasing no-show rates by 20 percent, through its "compassionate" and efficient handling of inquiries.
Facilitating its agenda of targeting poor minorities, a recent newsletter from PPMW says, "The call center specialists can handle calls in English and Spanish, make appointments for both abortion and family planning visits, and screen patients for Justice Funds (funds used to support low-income women seeking abortion services)."
Illustrating the effectiveness of Planned Parenthood's targeting of poor minorities, a recent report from Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute entitled "Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States" says Hispanic women now account for 25 percent of all abortions, while black women account for 30 percent of all abortions. The report also says that 42 percent of all women falling victim to abortion "have incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level ($10,830 for a single woman with no children)." These women who feel so trapped by their financial situation are being sold abortions rather than being given the help they need.
PPFA continues to find more ways to exploit internet technology to drive more women and teens to their abortion centers. "Online chats and live text messaging are two promising new means by which they can ask questions of health care professionals and make appointments," the PPMW newsletter said.
Our tax dollars should not be used to help Planned Parenthood lure poor minority women into its web of deception and abortion. Please contact your legislators today and insist that Planned Parenthood be defunded!
You can visit the Stop Planned Parenthood website (source of this article) for details on defeating public funding of Planned Parenthood. In addition, read your local newspaper and watch Planned Parenthood's website to see which local businesses are sponsoring its events. Contact the owners of those companies and let them know in a very polite way that you are extremely offended that they aid and abet the nation's largest abortion chain, and that you and your friends will no longer be doing business with them unless they withdraw that support.

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