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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rockford IL Should Be Ashamed of Itself

On the 1 hand, Rockford seems to revel in the fact that it has the visible version of the "gates of hell" operating as an abortion mill. Yet, Rockford is also the seat of the Diocese of Rockford that is under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception. & some day, Wayne Webster will realize that God will not be mocked. Nor will Jesus allow the mockery of His mother to continue either. He might do well to remember what God told Adam & Eve about the "Woman" who would crush Satan's head. Also what Jesus said about the "gates of hell' being unable to prevail against an attack by the Catholic Church
It will happen, the abortion mill will not prevail. & when that day comes to pass, this abortion mill will be closed forever. & those who aided & abetted the evil in that place will have to stand before God in judgment to answer for their part in the murder of the innocents, esp those who could have been saved had the mother seen an ultrasound.

Rockford, IL Continues To Interfere With Free Ultrasound

City Of Rockford Uses Selective Enforcement To Continue To Block Mobile Ultrasound
Rockford November 5, 2010 - The Rockford abortion mill owner, in his effort to block women from the "choice" of seeing a free ultrasound of their children, parked used cars in every available parking spot near the Rockford abortion mill this morning. The mobile ultrasound had to park a block away from the mill.

To top that off, a group of a half dozen abortion supporters were standing in front of the mobile ultrasound unit that was forced to park a block away from the mill, to accost any woman who went near it.

When pro-lifers complained to the Rockford police department that the many used cars which blocked the mobile ultrasound all had dealers' license plates and some still with the dealers' window stickers and price tags on them and were illegally parked, no action was taken.

Webster’s vehicles were blockading parking spots for an extended period of time and the police did not interfere with his vehicle blockade. But when a pro-lifer moved his vehicle and parked in a similar proximity to an intersection as the anti-life protesters, the action of the police was swift and decisive - a ticket was immediately issued to the pro-lifer. The vehicles that were being used by the abortion mill owner, as a means to carry on his protest by blocking the ultrasound vehicle, were not issued any warnings or citations.

Why all this fuss over a parking space?
In the last two weeks the mobile ultrasound has been used by two mothers who chose life, and that doesn't sit well with some people in our city.

One of the reasons the ultrasound was used is because it had a parking spot where it could be seen from the abortion mill. That is why this abortion mill's supporters in Rockford city government have decided that the abortion mill can illegally park numerous cars from a used car lot all with dealer plates and receive a free pass.
It is also why a group of out of town pro-abortion thugs were shipped in and allowed to stand by the motor home, even though it was a block away from the mill, to intimidate and terrorize any woman who wanted to enter for the free ultrasound. Shouldn’t this free ultrasound vehicle be granted the same privileges and rights from intimidation as any other citizen? Or is it because they are pro-life that the city will allow thugs to intimidate them on a public street?

Wayne Webster Is A Protester, Too.
Wayne Webster is nationally known as the abortion mill landlord, this is true. But Wayne wears many hats; Wayne Webster is also a protester. He is an anti-life protester; he is a counter-protester in every sense of the word. It is time for the pro-life attorneys, as well as the city attorneys and States Attorney, to take a serious look at Mr. Webster’s activities. In the past, Webster has used amplified sound systems, in our opinion illegally, blasting obscenities throughout the neighborhood. He has used filthy, vile, vulgar, blasphemous, hate-filled signs in the windows of his abortion mill building. His well documented disgusting behavior is reprehensible.
In the past one might argue that Webster was doing these acts on his own property and therefore might have been within his rights as a property owner, a shaky argument at best.

At the time when the ultrasound vehicle first started appearing on the scene Webster took his anti-life protest to the streets, on public fairways. Like the pro-life advocates Webster truly is a protester. Here’s the problem: Webster is being allowed to operate under a different set of rules by the Rockford Police Department and it is difficult for us to understand their blind eye. Webster is using motor vehicles, as well as free-standing signs, in his protest. Yet the police walk past Webster and his protesters and give a ticket to a pro-life citizen. Equal justice under the law-where is it?

Time does not allow for details here, but we will give this opinion. We think the city of Rockford is opening itself up for a very irresponsible and costly lawsuit for the citizens of Rockford. We’ll give just one small example: In the case known as the “Notre Dame 88”, pro-life demonstrators were peacefully praying. The police walked past pro-Obama demonstrators and arrested 88 pro-life advocates. As it stands right now, there will be 88 separate jury trials. How costly is that for Notre Dame’s irresponsible actions in the first place? We are alleging that what the city of Rockford is doing, by allowing Webster to blockade the ultrasound vehicle, could bring about similar legal actions against the city of Rockford-and rightly so.

You don't get to the point where you have murdered over 50,000 human beings and made countless millions of dollars without help from local government or by letting mothers see the truth that the babies within them are persons.

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