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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Catholyc Campaign for Human Development

My oft stated opinion that any "reform" as expounded in the "Review & Renewal" Document that will looked at by the USCCB at their Fall meeting next week is merely cosmetic is getting more & to like like fact, not merely my opinion.

1st I present this latest Vortex from Real Catholic TV:

Next is this article from LifeSiteNews:

U.S. Bishops’ Anti-Poverty Arm Awarded $45,000 Grant to Pro-Abort Group Despite Warnings
By Patrick B. Craine
CHICAGO, Illinois, November 12, 2010 ( – The national office of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) awarded a grant in 2010 to a Chicago-based group, despite the local CCHD branch’s strong warnings that the organization in question coordinated a school-based health program that provides contraception and refers for abortions. The decision to award the grant was made even as CCHD was faced with calls for a boycott over its funding practices, and in the midst of an effort at reform.
The Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), a community organizing project focusing on a wide range of issues such as anti-violence, housing, and immigration, received a $45,000 national grant this year for general operating expenses – the third year in a row it has received such a grant.
This grant was continued despite strong evidence from the Reform CCHD Now Coalition (RCN), and the local CCHD office, that they were engaged in activities seriously contrary to Church teaching.
RCN found that SWOP is implementing a school program called Elev8 at Marquette Elementary School. This program includes the provision of health services to the children through a school clinic; but the clinic also provides sex education, distributes condoms and oral contraceptives, and refers for abortion. To run the clinic, SWOP chose an organization called Access Community Health, which provides contraceptives without parental guidance.
Now it has been revealed that the SWOP grant was awarded despite opposition from the local CCHD office, which vets all grants.
“Despite strong recommendations against this funding and clear requests from the Chicago CCHD office that the national CCHD further investigate SWOP and its Elev8 activities, the national CCHD saw it fit to award the grant anyway,” explained Rey Flores, former director of Chicago’s CCHD program, who was terminated from the position this fall.
Under Flores’ leadership, Chicago’s CCHD had committed to defunding any group opposing Catholic teaching, particularly on life and family issues, as well as funding pro-life groups, contrary to previous CCHD practice. These reforms were strongly opposed by some of the diocese’s clergy, and it appears that they are now being dismantled.
When vetting SWOP, Flores called the health clinic at Marquette, posing as the father of a grade 7 student who might be pregnant. The nurse told him “in no uncertain terms” that if his “daughter” was pregnant, they could refer her to the nearest abortion provider, he said. Otherwise they could get her “the pill” if he wanted.
CCHD guidelines prohibit awarding grants to groups that promote or participate in activities that contradict the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church.
Faced with a strong movement for reform since the fall of 2009, including the actions of at least ten bishops who ceased contributing to the national pot, CCHD launched a process of renewal and reform this fall. Among numerous commitments, they plan to strengthen CCHD's Catholic identity and tighten its funding protocols. They have also established a guideline dictating that CCHD funds may not go to groups that join coalitions which advocate for positions contrary to Catholic teaching.
RCN has questioned the authenticity of the reform, given that CCHD’s own renewal documents praise the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a grantee that is a member of several pro-abortion and homosexualist organizations. RCN has also pointed out that, while CCHD continues to insist that only five grantees were problematic, they have presented evidence implicating dozens of groups. As such, RCN is again calling for a boycott of this year’s collection.
Rob Gasper of American Life League, a lead researcher for RCN, said it was “unfortunate” that the national CCHD did not heed the Chicago office’s recommendation. “The evidence that SWOP participated in providing access to contraceptives to children by implementing the ELEV8 program is clear cut,” he explained. “Hopefully National CCHD will reconsider this grant under the Review and Renew guidelines. Grantees should not be involved in promoting the contraceptive mentality to children."
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Sadly the real reform in Chicago is being undermined:

Report: ‘Real Reform’ at Chicago CCHD Being Dismantled
By Patrick B. Craine
CHICAGO, Illinois, November 11, 2010 ( – Facing pressure from the old guard at the local and national level, the Chicago branch of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has begun dismantling the “real reform” that earned it so much praise from pro-life groups in the summer.
“Despite the attempts made by some well-intentioned individuals in the Archdiocese of Chicago's CCHD, the powers-that-be at the USCCB and some local bishops and priests have plans to return to the national CCHD's guidelines with this program,” said former Chicago CCHD director Rey Flores. Flores, among others, had initiated the reforms with the initial blessing of Cardinal Francis George.
But a cadre of liberal priests, led by Fr. Larry Dowling, has been calling on the cardinal to reverse the reforms, which included approving grants for the life-saving work of crisis pregnancy centers. Dowling claimed in a recent letter to Cardinal George, for example, that "It has been an insult to many (grantees) to be asked, “Does your organization support abortion or same-sex 'marriage'?"
The same group of priests, who sought the removal of Flores last March, were recently also targeting Flores' former boss, Office of Peace and Justice Director Nicholas Lund-Molfese.
"People really need to keep the CCHD program in their prayers, especially the Chicago CCHD staff, priests and bishops," said Flores, who lost his position in the fall.
Under Flores’ leadership, Chicago’s CCHD had committed to defunding any group opposing Catholic teaching, particularly on life and family issues, as well as funding groups such as crisis pregnancy centres and the Pro-Life Action League, contrary to previous CCHD practice.
The former director told LSN that the rationale for funding such groups, and for ensuring that grantees are in line with Church teaching on life and family issues, is that "the lack of respect for the sanctity of life and the destruction of the necessary societal institutions of traditional marriage and family are the major reason for the moral, physical and spiritual poverty we suffer in the western world.”
Cardinal George – under the recommendations of Auxiliary Bishop Francis Kane, who serves on the U.S. Bishops’ CCHD subcommittee – has agreed to recommit the diocese to CCHD’s long-time policy of not funding groups that offer direct service to the poor, and will also require again that grantees’ boards be mostly composed of low-income people.
The Chicago reforms, which were held up by pro-life groups as a model for the nationwide organization, were especially significant because Chicago is where CCHD began and their collection still brings in the most funds of any diocese every year.
"For a brief moment in Chicago, we had everyone on the same page,” said Flores. “It was awesome to teach people on the social justice side of things about the value of respect life causes as being social justice issues and teaching the respect life warriors about the God-given human dignity of immigrants and workers. I pray that these efforts were not in vain."
"It's sad that the unborn and the innocent poor must suffer because of our misunderstanding of what true social Catholic justice is as Jesus Christ taught us," he added, saying, "We must never sacrifice our Catholic faith and values for secular humanitarian causes."
LifeSiteNews was refused an interview with Lund-Molfese to ask about the status of future funding to pro-life groups. According to Susan Burritt, the diocese’s media relations director, “There has been no change in the policy of the Archdiocese of Chicago regarding groups eligible for CCHD funding. Reports to the contrary are mistaken.”
“While we certainly pray that the new leaders of Chicago’s CCHD have the courage to continue Rey Flores' excellent reform effort, it sounds like they're returning to business as usual," said Michael Hichborn, American Life League’s lead researcher on the CCHD. “Given the push to remove Flores from his post by a member of the CCHD’s subcommittee, one has to wonder just how committed to reform the National CCHD office really is.”
“We really commend Rey for his courage and fidelity to the Church for working so hard to make these reforms as the CCHD director,” said Hichborn. “But the strength and courage it took to go public with what really happened is a sign of his deep faith in Christ.”
Contact Information:
Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago
PO Box 1979
Chicago, IL. 60690-1979
Phone: 312-534-8230
Fax: 312-534-6379
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Another bit of cosmetic coverup is this video the CCHD has brought out.

This video is pure PR spin. Did you notice how what they were talking about could apply to any group setting up a home-day care. I as really surprized that there was a cross on the wall. Also, nothing is mentioned about actually upholding Catholic teachings. & it is only at about 2 minutes in do they mention that what the groups do shouldn't go against the social & moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Note, social teaching comes 1st. Also note that everything is about this world. Nothing about the ultimate purpose of all these actions, evangelization, is mentioned either This is despite what Pope Paul VI reminded us of in his apostolic exhortation EVANGELII NUNTIANDI, the Church exists to evangelize. & while they may be helping people living a better physical life, they are leaving countless people in the ultimite prison, spiritual bondage to sin that will result in eternal damnation to Hell. But, we can all feel good about what we did to help get them there according to this video.

Like I said, pure PR spin., just like the document.



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