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Friday, November 12, 2010

Memo to Late-term Abortionist LeRoy Carhart: You Are NOT Welcome Here

Dr. LeRoy Carhart has recently announced that he will expand his late-term murder of the unborn to Iowa among other places. In an exclusive interview with KETV-7 News he explained his reasons for the expansion: "We need a place where we can do our patients, without the harassment of the courts."
It is interesting to see how KETV rewrote the quote for the online article. They changed the word "do" to "help". I suspect they realized what the term "do" implied. As Jill Stanek commented: “'Do?' Sounds like he’s having sex with them." It also makes it clear he views his "patients" as something less than human & are only a source of revenue for him. Not exactly the compasionate & caring doctor he claims he is. & more proof of how the industry really views women.
Given how Attorney General Tom Miller has given a pass to Planned Parenthood & their illegal telemed abortion scheme, I can see why Carhart would be looking at Iowa as a friendly place for him to expand to. It is clear that Miller favors expanding abortion over enforcing state laws. &, unfortunately, he was reelected to office last week.
But, it won't be as easy, nor will he be as welcome as he thinks.
1st of all, those of us in the Pro-life movement aren't going to just stand back & let it happen. Operation Rescue has announced they will be doing their part to help fight his expansion into Iowa by working with Pro-Life groups here. Maggie DeWitte of Iowans For L.I.F.E. has made it clear that they will be leading the charge for legislative change. & that is only the tip of the Pro-Life iceberg.
Given the election of a Pro-life governor & the Iowa House going back to control by the Republicans, it is likely that a fetal pain law like that of Nebraska may come up. (Note: The Dems barely held on to the Senate. Barely. Which means that some moderate Dems may ote:be able to force the issue. I say may, not will as the rules of the Genral Assembly put some limits on what they could do to bring it up in the face of an unfriendly leadership.) & if all goes well, it will pass & be signed by Governor-elect Branstad.
Also, given Carhart's BS quotient record, as Operation Rescue points out, it isn't sure he will follow through, esp if he can't raise the funding.
Which brings us to another interesting aspect of this whole thing. The fundraising is being done by an organization called the Abortion Access Fund, Inc. Carhart is the VP of the organization. His wife is the president & his daughter is secretary-treasurer. The address of the group is the same as the address of Carhart’s abortion mill. The letter mentions a goal of "$450,000 to expand one clinic and open two new clinics…."
The letter goes on to explain how the money will be used. "The money raised will be lent to clinic owners as a mortgage to build out and open these Centers. Abortion Clinics and non-profits have always had difficulty borrowing funds from commercial sources. This is certainly true in these days of financial uncertainty. Your funding will allow the centers to open, and the interest these mortgages generate will not be going to buy boats for bankers; rather, we will use it to subsidize abortion care for women in financial need. As the clinics repay the principal it will be again be lent to providers to expand more services throughout the country.
I want to again reassure you the $450,000.00 we need to raise will not only open these centers; but the interest income will fund abortions for women in need
As Jill Stanek points out, this means that "Carhart, his wife, and his daughter are soliciting donations under the cover of a nonprofit organization, of which they are sole directors, to lend themselves money to expand – with any proceeds from the loan going to pay Carhart the going rate of his own choosing to commit abortions on women who can’t afford his rates." HOW CONVENIENT!!!!!
Carhart is basicly lining his own pockets at the expense of gullible pro-aborts. Centuries of con artists would be proud of him & this latest scam. While the pro-aborts being suckered deserve to be so, the end results are a different matter. The fact is, the money will go to enable him to kill more unborn children. So, this money can rightly be called blood money. & those who donate to his scheme will be just as guilty of murder as Carhart is.
Before I close, I have 1 other question to raise. Is Carhart going to do the abortions himself, or hire someone else? (This is just for the Council Bluffs site as I can't see him travelling regularly to the other 2 sites.) & if Carhart does plan on doing them in Iowa, is he currently licensed to practice in Iowa? At this point, I haven't been able to find an answer to that question. But even if he isn't, I don't see that stopping him from doing them should he find a site in Council Bluffs.
This is just 1 more example of why we must always keep our guard up in the defense of the unborn. Just getting Pro-life candidates elected isn't enough. We must work to ensure laws are passed to protect the unborn. We cannot rest until the unborn have their right to life enshrined permanently. &, above all, as I say so often, our efforts must begin, end & be undergirded by prayer.

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  • At 12/11/10 6:03 AM , Blogger GrannyGrump said...

    He did at least manage to remove the junked truck from his parking lot.

    Just disseminate copies of his testimony about how he performs those abortions. If you can get hold of some Sopher forceps and show people what he grabs the "extremities" with before USING THE MOTHER'S BODY as traction to rip the arm or leg off her living, unsedated, unanesthetised baby, so much the better.

  • At 12/11/10 6:46 AM , Blogger Al said...

    GrannyGrump: That desription of his gives a lot of insight into his thinking. How he does the abortions just shows how sick & twisted he is. & esp how it isn't about helping the mother, as he claims. rather it is about him getting his sadistic jollies while committing murder & getting paid for doing so.

    Here is a transcript of the testimony he gave July 97.

    In it he basicly admits he kills an unborn baby. & I quote: "I know that the fetus is alive during the process most of the time because I can see fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound." & later he says: "My intent in every abortion I have ever done is to kill the fetus and terminate the pregnancy."


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