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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why the Claim Abortion is Between a Woman & Her Doctor IS A LIE

The real facts about how the abortion industry operates that they try to pretend don't exist:

A Woman And Her Doctor

Ten Reasons That Expose The Lie That Abortion Is Between "A Woman And Her Doctor" In Rockford It has been noticed that the out-of-state abortionists who come to Rockford typically spend about four hours inside Rockford's abortion mill to kill 10-20 babies each visit....
These facts below completely destroy the lie that abortion is "between a woman and her doctor."
1. These circuit-riding abortionists never see their patients before they arrive in Rockford. If they do 15 abortions in a day, which means from the moment the abortionist walks into the killing center, they have 15 minutes per mother.
2. There is no real relationship between the out-of-state abortionist and the women whose children they kill. Some post-abortive mothers we talked to don't even know the name of the abortionist who ended the lives of their children.
3. The abortionists perform up to 20 operations in a four hour period. This leaves no time for any meaningful relationship, consultation, or discussion. It's an assembly line of death for children.
4. We have been told by countless women, including many testimonies on videotape, that they never see the abortionist until moments before he begins the process of ending the lives of their children.
5. These out-of-state abortionists NEVER see the years of pain, depression, broken lives, physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering many of these women go through after they have had their abortions. The abortionist simply kills 10 - 20 children per visit, collects his money, and heads back across the border.
6. As far as we know, none of these out-of-state abortionists even have admitting privileges at any local hospitals.
7. If the abortionist who comes to Rockford from out-of-state had any care or feeling for the women who use the Rockford abortion mill, he would not allow the dozens and dozens of signs in the clinic windows that mock God, ridicule women, and display bigotry and hatred. The disgusting pictures and images include devil's masks, rubber chickens hanging by nooses and on crosses, and even signs bragging about how much money he makes killing children.
8. We have had numerous testimonies from post-abortive mothers in Rockford about the cold and callous treatment they have received from abortionists at the Northern Illinois Women's Center (Abortion Mill). One teenage girl spoke on video tape about how the abortionist brought the remains of her dead child into her room after her abortion and forced her to look at what was left of her dead baby.
9. Pro-lifers have spoken to dozens of women who have told us how they were never offered the chance to see ultrasounds of their children, and some were even refused the opportunity to see an ultrasound when they specifically asked to do so. If these abortionists really cared about women, they would want them to have all the facts. Here is an example:

10. The most important reason this statement is a lie "abortion is between a woman and her doctor" is because of who you see below.
They are forgetting someone.


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