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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Do Pelosi & The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Have In Common?

A complete disdain for what the Catholic Church stands for & teaches. In other words, they are good Democrats, but not good Catholics. I came across the following 2 items earlier tonite that show how Pelosi & the Dems express their disdain for the Catholic Church.

1st we have this postcard sent out by the Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor Party State Central Committee*:

If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will notice the button on the priest says "Ignore the Poor". Given that the Catholic Church has done more in any 1 of its almost 2000 yrs of existance to help the poor than all the socialist programs promoted by the Dems over the last 200 years of its existance, this has clearly got to be an attack on the Catholic Church for its stands on things like abortion, gay marriage & other issues that drive the Democratic Party of the left edge of the map.

Then there is the following comment by Nancy Pelosi that I came across at the American Papist: "I view my connection to the church to be a very personal one — not passing through the hierarchy of the Catholic Church." (read entire quote at: Nancy Pelosi: “My faith … does not pass through the heirarchy”) Once again, this self-called "ardent Catholic" has put her ignorance of what it means to truly be a Catholic on public display. Has she ever heard of Apostolic succession? Or the fact that the heirachy she has opted to ignore make up part of the Magisterium that passes on the Authentic teaching of the Catholic Church?# & that if she really is a Catholic then she must give assent to & live out the teachings of the Catholic Church.
& while Tom Peters said "The responsibility for this pitiful state of affairs, considering the havoc she has caused for a culture of life during her tenure as speaker of the house, I am tempted to say sits squarely on the shoulders of her bishop Archbishop Niederauer." I will out & out lay a large part of the responsibility at his feet as well as his shoulders. Supposedly he was to have a sit down talk with her. I don't think it ever happenned, but if he did meet with her, it is clear she has willfilly rejected his pastoral leadership. & it is time for Archbishop Niederauer to do more. & his column in Catholic San Francisco doesn't cut it.
While a lot of the responsibility lies on Archbishop Niederauer's shoulders some also lies on Archbishop (soon the be Cardinal) Wuerl's as well. He has refused to do anything to deal with her or other pro-abort Catholics in Congress, or VP Biden for that matter.
I am not saying that it is absolutely impossible to be a good Catholic & stay in the Democratic party. I am saying it seems almost nigh impossible given the clear hatred & disdain the party has towards the Catholic Church, what it stands for & for the Triune God; Jesus, The Father & the Holy Spirit.

*FYI: The Minnesota DFL IS the Democratic Party in Minnesota. In 1944 under the leadership of Hubert Humphrey, the Minnesota Democratic Party & the Minnesota Farmer–Labor Party merged to form the DFL. This post card was sent out by their state central committee making this officially sponsored by the party.
# No, I am not saying that every Bishop does this on an individual basis. Many of them have failed miserable to pass on authentic Catholic teaching or properly shepherd their flock. It should be clear from what I said above that the failure of a good many of them over the years to shepherd & teach as the should is repsonsible for the current mess. & while many of the new Bishops are starting to speak out more, there is still a long way to go.


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